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Through Oct. 7th- Last Chances for Queens Restaurant Week

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Friends! Cheapskates! Countrymen! Lend me your ears, for good news hath fallen unto the cheapest of boroughs. Queens Restaurant Week(s) is continuing into October, ending this Thursday. For all those too lazy to have attempted this in September, let my gratuitous exclamation points inspire you!!!!

Basically, anyone who expects great, great deals out of Brooklyn and Manhattan is behind the times. Queens is the place to be, and it’s starting to lose its secret edge. Unlike Manhattan’s restaurant week, this is not an exercise in frustration with overhyped prix-fixe menus and excruciating foodie scenesters. This is a chance for some dynamite mom-and-pops to get your ass in a chair and fill your face with feta cheese and curry. You will not find a more eclectic mix of cuisines than in the humble county of Queens, so carve some time and 25 bones the best cooking since grandma. Check the site for all participants.

Queens Restaurant Week- Oct. 5-7th at Various Locations
All Over Queens

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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