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Bear Hands Rock/Jam/Groove at Bowery Ballroom

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The Brooklyn indie scene is dominated by electro outfits looking to make quick cash from free software on their laptops. While their aesthetic can be admirably DIY, their sound more often than not comes off as POS. Every now and then, though, a band comes along unafraid to sit behind a mixing console and put out some tunes that are layered, involving, and damn fun. Such a band is Bear Hands.

After releasing an EP three years ago, or roughly eight times the life span of your average New York rock outfit, the band is back with a big fat LP filled with delicious sounds called Burning Bush Supper Club. It’s a mix of disparate elements that make Bear Hands stand out as a rock outfit when some say rock is dead. The band mixes post punk vibes with maximalist production that can sound like if Arcade Fire got pissed like on Blood and Treasure, while also slowing down to a contemplative mood for some atmospheric songs that decide not to do the shoegaze thing and instead be smart, as seen on Wicksey Boxing. Hardly forgetting an audiences desire to move their feet, they also have some danceable, heavy rhythm tracks such as their first single Crime Pays, which has it’s video here.  After their nationwide tour promoting their release they have their NYC homecoming this Friday at the Bowery Ballroom, where good times are all but guaranteed. See you in the front row.

Bear Hands @ the Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey St. b/w Bowery and Christie St.
[Lower East Side]
Friday, 12/17 @ 8pm
Tickets here

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