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Rock n' Roll Circus Puts Clowns in Your Tunes

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The circus isn’t exactly built for people of age. While the wonders of elephants and aerialists might wow and dazzle the tween-and-under set, us jaded adults or “adults” tend to find different outlets for inducing wonder (drink specials!). So in lieu of busting the bank on some bears riding tricycles let the Big Apple Circus and Lincoln Center give you an indie rock fix under the big top at the Rock n’ Roll Circus.

This two-day event features two gradations of bands- on the cusp and virally famous. The first day is FREE (with rsvp) and features perennially almost famous band Japanther, whose musical talent is only rivaled by their penchant for portmanteaus. The next day keeps the jams rolling with Saint Motel. Alongside is Yeah Yeah Yeaher Nick Zinner continuing to say yes to just about any event that will have him DJ and the rather interesting rawk outfit Amazing Baby. If any bands do up the clown make up they will not only be feeling the spirit but will also be terrifying. Bonus!

Also, you’re damn right I’m not writing about New Year’s Eve. Just face facts that it’ll suck. What I recommend? Find a dozen friends, find a vacation house a little out of the city, and have a long weekend of intimate cheer. You’ll be happy you did.

Rock and Roll Circus
January 3-4
Doors 7:00pm
Lincoln Center
10 Lincoln Center Plaza
Between Amsterdamn Ave & Broadway [Upper West Side]

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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  1. December 30, 2010 at 1:47 pm — Reply


    Ariel Pink has replaced OK GO for the 2nd day of the Rock and Roll Circus!!!!

    OK GO is not longer performing due to some unforseen circumstances but Ariel Pink will be playing a rare solo show after AMazing Baby, Saint Motel and Aska & Nick Zinner…..

    Tickets available now!

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