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My KFC is Kennedy Fried Chicken


When I think of KFC I don’t think about Colonel Sanders, I think about Kennedy Fried Chicken. The first Kennedy’s was founded in 1970s in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Since it’s inception it has grown with many restaurants popping up around the city. Kennedy has become somewhat of a staple in the poorer sections of New York. I’ve even found out that they’ve spread out even farther along the Northeast.

Originally a chicken spot, its menu has diversified throughout the years. I can tell you that from personal experience because I don’t ever remember seeing jumbo shrimp, gyros or rice ten years ago. While the menu has grown the price hasn’t. You can get yourself anything you want with a side and a soda for less than $10. The most expensive item I’ve ever seen is an order of 25 pieces of chicken & five biscuits with four sides for $30 (sounds like broke-ass Thanksgiving to me).

Aside from all the chicken you can get heros, fish sandwiches and burgers with a side and a drink for less than seven dollars. I would mention the salads for those healthy broke-asses out there but I’ve seen them in person and I wouldn’t recommend them. My favorite part of the menu is the snacks because you can tell how they adapt to the different people in the neighborhood. For example, I live in a predominantly Dominican neighborhood so an item like tostones (fried plantains) is on the menu. You have your normal items you find at KFC like mashed potatoes, potato wedges and corn on the cob and you’ll have fun burger/pizza joint items like cheese fries, pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks and beef patties. The menu pretty much varies from place to place. Some spots sell pizza while others offer apple pie and coco bread.

In the last decade the only KFC in my neighborhood closed and at least five Kennedy Fried Chicken have opened up. The people have spoken. While Kennedy is not any healthier than KFC, it’s certainly a lot cheaper. And did I mention that most of them offer free delivery? What are you waiting for broke-asses? Find your nearest Kennedy Fried Chicken and eat yourself into an early grave.

Photo Credit: Gowanus

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

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