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10 New Year’s Resolutions For Broke-Ass New Yorkers

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What would be considered a Broke-Ass resolution, you ask? Well, here are ten I’ve come up with myself.

1. Watch The Sunrise At The Beach – When summertime comes back around, instead of heading back home, why don’t you stay at the beach and watch the sun rise? It’s one of a few memories you and your friends (or a special someone) can share.

2. Do It Yourself – If you don’t usually cook and are tired of getting take-out, you can finally learn how to feed yourself (a helpful skill in life) and save some money while you’re at it. Don’t have money for Ikea? Build your own bookshelf (I don’t know). Whatever it is, do it yourself. We have plenty of DIY projects on here all the time.

3. Ride in a Horse & Carriage – This is something you usually catch tourists doing when visiting New York City. I’ve personally always found this to be intriguing and having traveled in every manner there is to in this city, the horse & carriage was one means of transportation that had eluded me until recently. A ride through Central Park will cost you $50 on average. Bring three friends to ride with you and that’s about $16 per person. Not bad. Trust me, you haven’t experienced New York until you show up to a bar on a horse.

4. Go To A Yankee Game – There’s nothing like being present at a sports venue in New York. Unfortunately for your average broke-ass, tickets are a bit pricey. Don’t worry guys,  because the prices on bleacher seats at Yankee Stadium won’t run you too high. In fact you can get tickets for as little as $10 if you know where to look online. Just make sure you eat and pre-game before you head to the game because $9 for a light beer is not a good look.

5. Walk The Brooklyn & George Washington Bridges – These are two of the more iconic bridges in New York. This is a great activity for a date if you’re trying to get to know someone or if you just want to take photos with friends. Need time to think? Need somewhere to run? These places are a great place for all of that.

6. Witness Manhattanhenge – This phenomenon is exclusive only to the island of Manhattan due to the city’s structure. What has come to be known as Manhattanhenge, only happens twice a year. It occurs when the sun sets and lights up both the North and Southern cross streets of Manhattan’s grid. For more info and specific dates you can go here.

7. Charity – As a broke-ass, sometimes we forget that there are actually people that are more less fortunate than we are. When it’s possible we should make an effort to do what we can to contribute to a local charity. For a look into the charities that New York has to offer you can visit

8. Follow Your Dream – Nothing is scarier than giving up your day job to pursue something your heart desires. In the beginning you’ll struggle but anything worth fighting for usually pays off in the end. Second thoughts holding you back? Just take heed to what the great, Michael Jordan said to conclude his Hall of Fame speech: “Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

9. Try Saving Some Money – Easier said than done. With bills, school loans and any other debt you might have accumulated over the years, this can be the most difficult task to pull off. My best advice is to try to live under your means, cut down the unnecessary spending habits and take a calculated percentage out of your paycheck to place into your savings account.

10. Live Now – If the Mayans are right, then the world will be ending in about 12 months. It probably won’t but I just gave you an excuse to do all types of craziness. At least for fun, you should try to live this year like it’s going to be the last. Try something new. Learn something new. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Tell the people you love that you love them. Life is short so go out and live it how you’ve always wanted to live it!!!

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

My father came, my mother saw...and I conquered. I encourage children to do drugs, I buy alcohol for teenagers, and I drink beer with the homeless. In my spare time, I attend art galleries for the FREE booze while rubbing elbows with modish elephants. I also hammer six-inch nails into small penises. Stuart knighted me as Broke-Ass King of New York. You've been warned.

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