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NYC vs. OC – Round 1

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I’ve been in NYC for 6 weeks now and it’s not difficult to spot the differences between here and where I’m from, sunny Southern California (Orange County, to be exact). Ever since the mercury began falling, people have been asking me if I long to be back there. The answer is no. And here are a few things that I’ve observed in my short time here as to why I think NYC is superior to the OC.

1. The People – Right, I know there’s this big impression that New Yorkers are jaded assholes (or so that’s what people from California will say). And I’m sure this island has it’s fair share of them, but so far I have not found this to be true. I’ve actually found the people in my neighborhood to be downright friendly. I would call New Yorkers “honest.” People say what they mean… even if it’s not very nice. And that’s a refreshing change from the rampant phoniness of the OC.

2. The Winter – Yes, I missed Snowmageddon by a year. And I know that this is an unusually mild winter so far. But I do love the cold. And don’t try to tell me that I won’t always love it. I am definitely built for cold, not for heat (and yes, I’m completely aware of the disgusting humidity and heat of the summer).

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3. The History – The building I live in was built in 1900. The building I lived in in Orange County was built in 1997. I am one of those people that thinks old buildings are pretty fucking cool. OC doesn’t have much history… at least it’s much harder to find and it’s limited to a couple of museums. New York’s history is EVERYWHERE.

4. The Diversity – Orange County is pretty homogenized. Another way to read that is BORING.

Every place has it’s positives and negatives (duh), but so far NYC is beating California. Keep on calling me a naive optimist… I will appreciate your honesty. I’m still new here and I have yet to be punched on the subway but I’m happy to be here and I plan on just rolling with the punches. HA… get it? Yeah, you do.

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Quincey Trigillo - Judicious Journalist

Quincey Trigillo - Judicious Journalist

A recent transplant from Orange County, California, Quincey is in the big city with an Empire State Building-sized craving for culture... and learning that "free" part of freelance. Having been a high school English teacher for the last few years, she sadly knows the penny pinching lifestyle all too well. She's got a freakishly adorable dachshund named Walter Matthau and she really enjoys taking a bite out of this Big Apple everyone keeps talking about. Quincey may look straight outta the 'burbs, but.. well, yeah, she's straight outta the 'burbs.


  1. Joe
    January 20, 2012 at 5:25 pm — Reply

    Everyone thinks NYC is superior to Orange County, with the exception of maybe Kobe Bryant, Sublime, and the guys from Jackass.

  2. […] Last week I briefly discussed a few reasons why I have found the great city of New York to be superior to the whitebread County of Orange. But last weekend I had beers with a kid I know who is moving back behind the Orange Curtain after being in NYC for a couple of years. He turned 21 while he was here, so I had to fill him in on OC nightlife a bit. It was a pretty short conversation, but there are some important things to note about nightlife in the OC that should hopefully remind you – as if you needed it – why NYC is so amazing. […]

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