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Let’s Do It Ridgewood Style, Baby: Gottscheer Hall Tap Room and Lounge

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Gottscheer Hall, Gottscheer Hall… What to say about Gottscheer Hall? For starters, this event space and bar has been open since 1924, they have all the pictures of the Gottscheer queens from 1924 to 2012 on the wall where you enter (which are very amusing  pictures – just saying), you can meet mad Queens-timey old men at the bar, who will say things like: “Cappuccino? Whad is dat, sum kinda Jewish thang?” and “Bak in da seventies Ridgewood wuz for da whites, Bushwich da spics, and Bed-Stuy da coloreds. If any o’ us cross da border we’d git our asses beat!” No joke, I’ve heard these statements here… Every other guy who frequents this bar is like Archie Bunker.

Besides the bigotry, this spot has $1.50 draft beers and $5 -$8 liquors. The bartenders are friendly – no matter your creed or color – and the regulars are either standoffish or talkative to the younger crowd, depending… The food is also very cheap (ex: bratwurst and sauerkraut with a side of rye for $5). Seriously, I don’t think you can find cheaper deals in the New York metropolitan area.

But honestly, Ridgewood is blowing-up fast, and when Silent Barn went under they had a party here. For those of you who haven’t noticed the changes in NYC demographics over the past few years, here it is: Bed-Stuy is the quickest gentrifying neighborhood in New York’s history, Bushwich is the new Williamsburg, and Ridgewood is the new Greenpoint. So, despite if what I’ve said has rubbed you the wrong way, Gottscheer Hall is a place to check out, drink, eat, and have a good time at. I suggest going to Gottscheer Hall if you want incredibly cheap drinks and food, want to get a taste of old New York caricatures, or if you want to take a date to some off-beat place in Queens to show them you’re cultured. Do it!

Gottscheer Hall
657 Fairview Ave.
Between Gates Ave. and Linden St. [Ridgewood]
Queens, NY 11385 

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Bobby Rich - Affordable Aficionado

Bobby Rich - Affordable Aficionado

Bobby dropped out of college at the age of 20, said goodbye to his papaw in the small town of Copper Hill, GA, and went to India, where he studied professional pauperism in ashrams and taught English to children. From New Delhi he flew to London, where emigration considered him a "vagabond with no roots to return to", and he was put on the first plane back to America. After finding himself in the freezing snows of Chicago, some guy at a bar offered him a job transporting a car to NYC, where he is currently stuck in Ridgewood, Queens. His travel website The Music Underground has helped many find the obscure in foreign lands.