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Ugly Rhino’s Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus ‘73

Updated: Oct 11, 2012 15:24
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Looking for something scary to do during the holiday season? You can head down to the Brooklyn Lyceum and check out what the creative team behind Ugly Rhino’s has in store for the season of Halloween.

Expanding on last year’s Warehouse of Horrors, the Ugly Rhino’s crew is putting together the Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus ’73, an interactive warehouse experience, which will include elements of a haunted house to keep you wimps on your toes.

The theme behind Gowanus ’73 will be following a series of mysterious and bizarre murders at an underground rave party. And as you find yourself immersed inside this twisted world, you find a complex web of mafia relations, crooked cops, and a dangerous group of drug dealers are revealed. “The show combines non-traditional storytelling with a social atmosphere, enveloping audiences deep into the world of the play as they encounter characters, hear their stories and sip on cocktails,” says Ugly Rhino as they describe the interactive experience at the Gowanus ‘73.

The fun aspect of it all belongs to the fun fact that you may be the next person to go. That’s a little spooky—in a fun way.

The Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus ‘73 begins TONIGHT, October 12th and runs every Friday & Saturday through October 27th. The final two shows will play on Halloween and Thursday, November 1st. The tickets are $20 but you receive three complimentary drinks with your purchase.

Here are some more added bonuses:

Admission to both parties is free after 10:30pm.
All play guests get a free specialty shot if they are in costume!

Friday, October 26:1970′s Brooklyn Party
featuring DJ Brian Blackout

Wednesday, October 31: Halloween Costume Party

Costumes are always encouraged.

Ugly Rhino’s Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus ’73
Friday, October 12th-Thursday, November 1st at 8pm
Tickets: $20 (with 3 complimentary drinks)
Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Avenue

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