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Missed Connections: World Series Edition

Updated: Nov 03, 2015 14:11
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It’s the day after Mets pals, how’re you all doing? I know it hurts to get so far and lose when you’re so close you can taste it. But know your guys played a great series and have lots to build on with an awesome young team. So to ease your sad blue and orange hearts here are a few other Metropolitan fans looking for love to fill the void until April.


Hot at McFadden’s (w4m)

“We met at McFadden’s at Citi Field for Game 1 against Chicago. We got separated when you went to the bathroom and they started kicking people out. I’d love to continue our conversation about Matz. Meet up for Game 5?”

Nothing can bring a Mets couple together like local boy Steven Matz.  


Game 4 Mets/Dodgers (m4w)

“Doubt this even works BUT u were there in section 536 2nd row with your dad. You were stunning and if your dad was not there I certainly would have asked for a number. You asked me to do something for you during the game. Respond with what I did for you and lets have drink?”

Always get the digits man.


Brian? Game 2 (w4m)

“I changed my mind – I think you DO owe me dinner – what a game you saw. I mean I hope you didn’t lose those tickets. Let’s say Shake Shack at CitiField?”

Baseball + milkshakes = Awesomesauce. 


88 St station for A train (m4m)

“U said hi and Go Mets to me on ur way down the subway steps on 88th street stop on the A train. I was stumped for words. We both had Mets jerseys on. if u see this Ad hit me up.”

As a Sportsball fan myself there’s something deeply sexy about an attractive person wearing the same jersey as you.


Be My Mr. Met (w4m)

Me: Blonde hair, glasses, leather jacket, with a friend

You: Got on at Jefferson or Morgan L heading Manhattan bound around 6:50 PM, Sunday night. Wearing a Mets hat, lots of layers, and vintage white Nikes.

We: Spoke about the Mets and the impending game you were going to see. Joked about Craigslist.

If it’s you- Write to me and tell me what infielder we discussed.

A woman that can talk about the infield?! I hope you find her and cherish her forever. She might have the Wright stuff.


Ferry Chat (m4w)

“This happened last Thursday, I noticed you in the ferry terminal in the city and asked you about your mets necklace. You were worried about their game that night in LA. You go to college in Brooklyn. I wanted to ask your name and if you would like to go out. I hope you get this and we can talk more about Syndergaard’s pitching.”

If you find her tell her she’s ‘Synsationsal’. Sorry not Sorry.


Mets Madness (m4w)


The Mets are doing it again.
Hope you are watching.
If you should see this, write me back.

The Chief

Diane, I’d like to know what The Chief knows about the Mets. Isn’t that more of a Braves thing?


LGM!!! (w4m)

“You offered your seat on the uptown 4 train at Brooklyn Bridge. I asked if your blue sneakers and orange laces were Mets-related. You said you’d never thought about it; you just liked the colors. I said I’d take it as a good omen. “Go Mets”, you said, before leaving the train at Union Square. “Let’s go, Mets,” I replied. But here in the third inning, the Dodgers are ahead. Maybe the omen required us to watch the game together, or at least exchange information.”

Sometimes omens don’t always pan out or maybe they do? Probably should’ve been together last night also…. 


Big Apple Brews (m4m)

“You were waiting in line in front of me. I was with my sister. We both thought you filled out that Duda shirt real nice. I know what beer you ordered if you know what shirt I had on.” 

Beers can certainly make a bad sporting day better…or worse. You know let’s go 50/50 on that one.


Citi Field Sweetie (w4w)

“You were in section 303 near me and my friend. Loved your sexy ponytail and the Keith Hernandez shirt. I was with a tall guy and had the blue pennant shirt on. “

If Hernandez’s mustache doesn’t inspire love I honestly don’t know what will.


Tugging on Heartstrings at Grand Central (m4w)

“I only saw you for a brief moment… I was on the 7 train platform going to citi field for Saturday night’s Mets world series game. You were on the platform, wearing a beautiful short dress, rocking a Mets cap, playing what looked like a violin (or was it a fiddle?), sounded like “take me out to the Ballgame” while dancing around and waving your hips.

I left 20 bucks in your violin case. You had a beautiful voice and instantly became my good luck charm. Too bad we lost the game. You made my night!”

This might actually be one of the sweetest Missed Connections I’ve ever read. I genuinely hope you two are able to find each other and name your first born Bartolo.

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