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Joanne Weaver and Robert Lux Remix a Classic


Artwork credit: Robert Lux

Listen to the track here!

Joanne Weaver has teamed up with producer Robert Lux for a remix of “Summer Kisses, Winter Tears”. Joanne Weaver, a performing artist known for her immaculate, futuristic renditions of jazz class classics, has launched into the dance world with Robert Lux – a DJ, producer, and songwriter who works with collaborators of Daft Punk, Building for Beats, Shyvonne, Lovers of Tomorrow, Pegasus Warning, and Kalen.

“Summer Kisses, Winter Tears”, a song originally written for Elvis and later adapted to the Twin Peaks soundtrack, has been refashioned in unique, futuristic and danceable form. The remix offers hypnotic and sensual flow, overlaid with a cascading and lyrical melody – all of which billows out through Miss Weaver’s enchanting and effortless vocal.

“Summer Kisses, Winter Tears” was originally released on Joanne Weaver’s Interstellar Songbook II . The song drew notable acclaim and was hailed by many as the album’s cornerstone track. Previously produced by Andre Fratto in the form of a lilting, other worldly boss nova, Robert Lux’s version draws us ever deeper toward that other world, casting us capsule-less to the far recesses of outer space.

“Summer Kisses, Winter Tears” emerges through the interstellar mist of an oscillating space harp. We are surrounded in melodic swirl, while a prevalent echoed vocal beckons from afar. Gradually, the beat takes form, setting the tone for a cosmic dance-enchantment.

Subtle snare brush strokes, coupled with glitches and blips, lay down a syncopated groove – recalling some of Thom Yorke’s solo material, or even “Where I End and You Begin” from Radiohead. The bass lines melodically vamp in and out, perfectly punctuating the track’s percussive throbs. All in all the mix is lucid, and the multitude of layers only serves to enhance this central and pulsing groove.

The duo came into formation after having worked out live renditions of Interstellar Songbook II. Following an unforgettable performance at The Wooly in May, the two have mutually agreed to deepen their creative connection. The result is a seamless blend between a multi-faceted DJ/producer and a versatile jazz vocalist.

While Joanne Weaver has kept closer to the jazz and pop domain, Robert Lux has launched into the world of electronica. Though his beats are rooted in house, they incorporate noise, synth and a range of electronica elements.

The contrast is striking, though gracefully complementary: Lux’s production dares us to dance, as Weaver’s vocals paint a far more melancholic picture. In the first verse of “Summer Kisses, Winter Tears” she croons: “Never thought I’d travel all alone, the trail of memories.” The effect is haunting – leaving us as though journeying on a solo lonesome voyage through the cosmos.

Following the first verse, the vocals depart into a rhythmic freak-out. Here we face a frenzy of rhythmic interplay – layered vocal punctuations, congas, glitches, blips and bass runs – it’s a wayward trip through sonic space. Alas returning, the final verse arrives in clearer focus, offering us a more reassuring message: “Nothing can light the dark of the night, like a falling star”. The combination of nostalgic melancholy, in the form of old jazz classics, coupled with sonic extra-terrestrial elements is a category Weaver shares with no one else.

Vocally, Weaver has taken a turn for the more experimental, while musically she embraces more up-tempo and dance-ready rhythms. While we experienced spaciness vocally on Interstellar Songbook II, the full breadth and free form of her voice has reached a new height in the recent remix. One can only wonder what’s in store for upcoming experimentations to come. Stay tuned for live shows, remixes and releases from both Joanne Weaver and Robert Lux:




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