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Tell Us What You Really Think: 1 Star Reviews of Classic RomComs

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For some Valentine’s Day is a wonderful occasion to show your snuggle bug how much you care for them. Millions of couples will be cuddled up with a nice bottle of wine and a lovey-dovey film. For those of you who reject the notion of being entertained by warm and fuzzy movies on this day here are a few viewers who share your sentiments. If you think RomComs or ‘Chick Flicks’ are revolting these 7 films might not be for you but you’re in good company with those who also repel romance. Happy hating my skeptic sentimentalists!




  • “I bought this thinking me and my girlfriend would love it….i ended up hating it and she ended up leaving me…best movie ever.”
  • “This was ridiculously painful to watch. In fact, I forced myself to go to sleep during it to avoid having to watch it.”
  • “When other women tell me it’s their favorite movie, I secretly judge them and think they must be shallow, predictable and boring.”




  • “I am embarrassed that I paid to watch this again. In fact, I started it, then thought, “What am I doing?” I will not finish it. What a terrible message to send to our daughters.”
  • “The only good thing about the movie is Roy Orbison’s song, which was ruined for me once it became associated with this atrocity.”
  • “Plausible story of a rich homosexual man who falls in love with a dirty prostitute. Makes sense. Happens all the time.”




  • “I can not understand how anyone can give this movie a high rating, I can only assume that you 1. have all been smoking crack or 2. are all the same person.”
  • “I was actually embarrassed to return this piece of garbage to the video shop. I’m so sorry I let people coerce me into watching this. I’ll never forgive them!”
  • “I thought about Cameron Crowe as a writer and director. First of all, people don’t talk like these characters, or any characters he writes. It’s like he’s never actually listened to people speak.”




  • “It is basically about a bunch of drunk bums that take dancing WAY too seriously for no reason.”
  • “Plot is preposterous; young girl morphs from naive doctor’s daughter to sultry sylph who just happens to have slinky dance-wear.”
  • “This movie was the abortion.”




  • ” If I were to compare this movie to food it’d be like drinking a glass of water on the toilet.”
  • “Calling this film a “Chick flick” is an insult to chicks everywhere.”
  • “Instead of watching this movie go to the library and sit in a chair and do nothing. You will enjoy going to the library more.”
  • “After watching this movie I had the queasy sensation that I’d overdosed on marshmallows.”




  • ” It was shmaltz with a side order of shmaltz covered in shmaltz.”
  • “Pinocchio was less wooden than these characters.”
  • “Mandy Moore just needs to learn that she’ll never be Britney Spears. She should stop singing, stop acting, and just go work at Dairy Queen. Leave the other stuff to professionals, like Britney.”




  • “How to lose your lunch in two hours.”
  • “How to destroy two careers with one movie.”
  • “This film proved Einstein was right: Human stupidity is infinite.”


Bless you Amazon.Com and your reviewers. 

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