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‘All the Love’ for NYC Singer Jennifer Harper

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Jennifer Harper was thrown into the musical fire at an early age. While she’s no stranger to studio projects, her EP All the Love was born out of passion, grit, determination, and a boat load of love while raising three damn kids. In a world where music has taken on a new identity, Jennifer Harper’s All The Love takes songwriting to a whole new level with her honest lyrics and reminders of the past. A modern day Carly Simon meets Michelle Malone with a mix of sultry soul and raw, beautiful vocal styling like that of Karen Carpenter, Jennifer Harper’s All the Love rocks you to the very core one sincere lyric after another.


Every track has its own identity filled with pure harmonious beauty. From the title track “All the Love (In the World)” that ignites you with hope to the tranquillity and sincerity of “Let Me In”, the songs on this EP definitely flood your soul with sheer emotion. Even the mellow tones of “Not Alone” offers a sense of female empowerment by telling each listener “you are stronger than you know”. Jennifer’s lyrics are warm, gentle and memorable especially in the pop-rock ballad “Little White Lies”. 

All the Love is a ray of hope in the craptastic music industry in which we live in today. The kind of hope Jennifer was inspired by when former A&R man, writer and producer of the original Four Tops, Roquel “Billy” Davis, showed her that she was a songwriter and inspired her love and raw talent to bloom. The honesty of her lyrics is fabulously refreshing in a world of repetitive songs with no emotion or soul–this EP is no ordinary collection of songs. All the Love was also born out of industry love and loads of support from friends, strangers and fans alike. Jennifer kicked Kickstarter a new one and raised a boatload of money to make this project come to life. So, when it comes to love Jennifer Harper really put all the love in the world into this killer project.

Photo Credit: Taylor Ballantyne

If you’re looking for something raw, unique, mysterious–something you can genuinely sing along to, then download Jennifer Harper’s EP All the Love. Anyone who loves to sing along to empowering, kick-ass female songs, who wants to take a journey through music, who is looking for music they can truly relate to, All the Love is for you. Jennifer’s hope and determination as a musician and as a mother inspires you all the way through this album. This Mom of three nails it with the hope, love and expression she has put out as the fresh face of all things pop-rock. If you’re looking for a killer connection with lyrics and artist, you’re not alone–check out Jennifer Harper’s All the Love.

Want to see Jennifer Harper Live? Get your butt to The Fez in Stamford, CT Saturday, 3/26, 9:30 PM. 

For more upcoming dates or to contact Jennifer Harper get your butt to her sweet website and never miss a beat with her again!

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