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Eating well on the Cheap

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We’ve all said at one point or another, “It’s hard to eat healthy, it costs too much” and the famous “ I have no time”, come on folks these are just excuses. What happens is most people like what they eat even though it may not be healthy. It’s easy to go out and buy pizza and soda for lunch or have fast food for dinner.

eating healthy

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The first thing that comes to mind when you want to eat healthy is to buy organic whenever possible. Whether its meat and poultry that are grass fed or fresh fish, fresh fruits and vegetables that reduce the toxins going into our bodies. Unfortunately for many of us, this is not an option as the cost is much higher for these products.

How to handle this is to eat less meat, which is healthier for you. And when you do want to treat yourself buy the higher quality meats. I know what you’re thinking how the hell can one afford to buy organic products when you can’t even afford to buy regular priced meats, fruits, and vegetables.

One good tip is when you do buy fruits and vegetables wash them well, drench them in water as long as you can. Some people even use vinegar along with the water to remove as many pesticides as possible.

A better option is getting your protein from other sources instead meats and poultry. You can start by eating more grains made from wheat like rice, oats, and cornmeal. Legumes are another great source of nutrition rich in protein. They are low in fat too! You can find them in soybeans, fava beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, lima beans, and kidney beans.

eating healthy

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For those who love to snack (and who doesn’t) in addition to fruits, try eating nuts. They are good for you and fill you up. Some nuts are better than others; almonds, raw cashews, and pistachios. But in general, nuts are better than a candy bar or a cupcake. Seriously, they are!

Start bringing your lunch to work. Not only will you save money but in all likelihood, you’ll be eating better. Whether it’s salad, soup, or leftovers they are easy to prepare, especially if you do it right after dinner. Why pay an arm and a leg for a salad when you can make it yourself with fresh ingredients from your fridge?  Not having time to go to the supermarket and shop is not an excuse! Find the time and get what you need for the week ahead. See what’s on sale while there. Buy a little extra when you see good food on sale, you can always freeze food. Try to use coupons whenever you can. You’ll see the saving add up.

If you don’t have the time to cook dinner try to cook over the weekend. Make extras and throw it in the freezer. You’ll have food ready for the following week! You can find many amazing recipes online that will make eating vegetables a pleasure, it won’t take a lot of your time or put a dent into your budget. All Recipes is a great resource for easy, quick, and affordable meals.

eating healthy

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Also, Never going food shopping when you are hungry. You tend to buy more and the possibilities of buying junk increases. If you have the storage space to keep food fresh, it’s a great idea to buy fruits and vegetables when they are on sale. Keep them in the freezer after vacuum packing them to retain the freshness. There may be an initial expense buying the vacuum sealer but it will be well worth it. In the long run, you will reduce costs on fruits and vegetables. Some people also can, to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

Yes, it is possible to eat healthy on a budget but like anything else that is worth something you have to put the effort in to make it work. Avoid high priced places to eat or shop. Don’t eat junk food because it’s easy, make time to cook your own meals. It’s surprisingly easy once you get into the habit. And honestly, who doesn’t want to feel better and have more money. Win. Win.



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