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Celebrate the First Day of Summer With These 5 Ice Cream Shops

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It’s the first official day of Summer! And nothing tops off the perfect summer day quite like a trip to the ice cream shop. So many cool or sometimes muggy nights have concluded with the sweet confection. Actually…sometimes mornings have started with this too. You know your cold treat obsession has hit a high when the seasonal spots open on Memorial Day and it’s like an additional holiday.


1. Davey’s Ice Cream Shop (201 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn – Williamsburg)

I spent a pal’s birthday here a few years ago. Yes, they ice cream is great but they really pride themselves on NY ingredients and make everything on site. Davey’s even collaborates and cross promotes with their neighbors at the St. Marks location (137 1st Ave). I mean where did you think the cinnamon and chocolate babka chunks came from? Moishe’s Bake Shop of course. Davey’s keeps it local. And that sense of community sweets each scoop.


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2. Big Gay Ice Cream ( 61 Grove St, Manhattan – West Village)

It takes everything in me to not visit this shop everytime I’m in the Village. It was even worse when I lived near BGIC. Hands down my favorite ice cream shop in the city. With amazing decor, awesome servers (who handle insane line with a smile), hilarious names, and delicious treats, I’ve never had a bad experience here. I love the Mermaid (vanilla ice cream, key lime custard, graham cracker crumbs, whipped cream). But honestly, they are all good. And during the summer on weekdays from 2pm-5pm mini cones are only $2!


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3. Sweet Jane’s (27-17 24th Ave, Queens – Astoria)

Owner Jane McGinn came to open this shop after an arduous journey of concocting the perfect Fudgestickle. Once she created what Jane calls, “frozen sex on a stick,” it needed a home. Sweet Jane’s was born. But there is also a philosophy of healthy ingredients so you can enjoy and not worry about extra calories. Plus you can add SJ’s to your agenda whether going to or coming from the Bohemian Beer Garden, they’re basically neighbors. `

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4. 10 Below Ice Cream (10 Mott St, Manhattan – Chinatown)

If you are looking for extravagance head to 10 Below. The Thai-inspired ice cream spot is the first of its kind in NYC. These are less sundaes and more works of art made to order. But the coolest thing is that you actually get to watch them turn the liquid cream right into actual ice cream….like it’s literally made when you order it. And it only takes about 2 minutes.


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5. Coney’s Cones (1027 Riegelmann Boardwalk, Brooklyn – Coney Island)

The beauty of Coney’s is Italian Gelato made by an actual Italian. How authentic?! So authentic that even all the equipment is Italian. Owner Daniele Dal Sasso offers 24 different flavors both fresh and flavorful. Not bad for a business that was essentially asked to open a location in Luna Park. If you’re venturing out to Coney Island I can’t recommend Coney’s enough.

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Honorable Mention: Mister Softee Trucks (Any Neighborhood)

Seriously, I pass at least 6 trucks just walking around the city. It’s cheap, easy to get, and good. I mean is there anything better than soft serve??? Exactly, there isn’t.

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