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Jen Clark Wants You to Laugh With Your Lady Parts

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Jen Clark is a lady comedian all about queer, feminist, surrealist, experimental art. Who wants people to be able to talk about vaginas, periods, diva cups, butt stuff, consent, queefs, and sex without being ashamed. Jen’s style is all about letting people enjoy and learn by seeing through the lens of comedy. No one likes a message shoved down their throats but spoon feeding isn’t doing enough either. She’s certainly found a sweet spot. I caught up with her as she prepares for a new show, Mein Kunt Cums Again, this Saturday (July 16th @ 7:15, tickets $5) at The Peoples Improv Theater. She’s sweet, confident, and very funny. Here’s what she’s gotta to tell the world.

How did you find yourself as a queer lady in comedy? I personally found myself by just doing things that were awesome and that I believed in. I used to look at other people and go ‘woah, that’s cool – they’re so cool for doing that.’ Now I just do whatever I think is cool and I’m cool. I just started doing all the things I admired in other people and found myself by putting them all together. I am 100% made of….of a million other people thoughts and ideas – they just sound different because I’m saying them. If you say anything with confidence people will believe you. It all, of course, starts with believing in yourself which unfortunately can be hard. I always say, “I’m my favorite person in any room.” It sounds like I’m a dick but I’m really cute so I get away with a lot of shenanigans and mischief. 
What’s the inspiration from the show? 100% my life mixed with surrealist comedy and kitschy trash subculture knowledge growing up. I like things weird – so I make it weird. Also, I just like telling people to “Cum to Mein Künt” or “Enter Mein Künt.”

What are your hopes for this show and your future shows? Every show I do is bigger, wider and wetter! For instance, Mein Künt (on Saturday) will feature a pre-party Vagina Social künt-tail hour. I want to bring people together before the show to meet, drink, play games and talk about vaginas! I wanna bring like-minded people together. I wanna collaborate. I wanna know more. I grew up thinking I knew everything….until I realized I didn’t know anything. It’s the best though because I still get to experience that exciting wonderment of learning something new! YAY!

For mein next show I want to host other artists and make a more collaborative visual art experimental installation piece. We should be celebrating other artists and I want to be able to with my art. Keep building! Keep getting weirder! 
You’ve sold out your previous two shows! What’re your shows like for novices and is there a good mix of LGBT and allies? I’m still a novice, trust me! I just learn from every show. The trick is just to keep doing shows and keep making mistakes. Learn, grow, don’t be afraid to try new things and keep producing…performing!
Allies are necessary! A big reason my last show sold out was because it was my birthday AND everyone I knew from the Gotham City Roller Girls were there so I had all my allies there.  And my first show was part of the Solocom Festival at the PIT and it was my first BIG show. People get excited and support for first shows. After you keep producing shows it gets harder and harder to get friends to go (hence reaching out to publications). I’ve been reaching out of anyone that will have me – who’s brand and sensibilities fit mine. I think the trick (or I’m finding out) is reaching out to those like-minded weirdos and get people to spread the word. 
Do you feel it’s important to be more vocal given the recent events in Orlando and the current political climate? Of course, we need to keep talking if not SCREAMING about it! Double down and do more! Do it openly and not be ashamed. I remember being a little girl and hearing my mom talk about Will & Grace. She said she liked the show because they kept that stuff behind closed doors. I think now more than ever we need to all band together and removed the hinges.  
Anything you’d like to add? Women, queers & people of color’s voices are more important than ever right now. The change has to start from within! I’m just one person but my goal is to help change the world through comedy.

Follow Jen’s adventures on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.
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