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Public Art Takeover In Five Major American Cities On

President’s Day — Monday, 2/20, Through 3/6

impeach bannon billboard

What:   Trump was tweeting “I call my own shots” after SNL’s President Bannon cold open. Feels right to keep sticking a hot poker in that wound. Plus, with the media from all political leanings identifying Bannon as the man behind the chaos, we’re going to shine a giant spotlight on him.

Where: Street: NYC, D.C., Baltimore, SF and parts of LA. Big takeovers in Trump territories.

Online: #PresidentBannon at

Feel free to post about this campaign on your social channels. We want the words “President Bannon” repeated on President’s Day. Please help us make this Yuge.

Learn more with donation info at:

Hat Tip to Jimin Lee for the press release!  And Allison Kay, founder of Stop President Bannon Public Art.

Locations in NYC:NY 4 NY 3 NY 2 NY 1



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