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What the Rise of Holistic Health Care Means for You

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Consumers have a whole host of health treatments available today. However, more and more are choosing non-invasive, holistic health options to help everything from depression and anxiety to the common cold. Holistic health continues to rise in popularity. Here are a few of the reasons millennial consumers are choosing non-invasive options.

Save Money on Medical Bills

Non-invasive health focuses on overall wellness and helps prevent costly procedures and bills in the future. For example, you can diffuse certain essential oils to ward away a cold or something worse instead of heading to your doctor a few days later. Even practicing yoga a few times a week can lead to a healthier lifestyle and less spending on doctor’s visits, prescription medication, surgeries and other treatments.

Deal with Fewer Pills and Fewer Side Effects

The pharmaceutical industry is the one that millennials trust the least. It was ranked as the least-trusted health information resource by people between 18-34. Part of the reason millennials may not trust the industry is that there are often side effects with each prescription you take. While a certain prescription can treat the medical problem you’re dealing with, it may introduce a whole host of other issues such as stomach upset, headaches, nausea and more.

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Prevent Illnesses to Begin With

You typically don’t go to the doctor until after you feel sick. The opposite is true with holistic medicine and non-invasive treatments. The goal of holistic medicine is to help the body heal itself through homeostasis. It takes the whole being into account — your physical, spiritual and emotional state. It’s also combined with traditional medicine to treat not just the symptom but the entire issue. With holistic health, you can prevent illnesses to begin with by keeping your body in great shape physically and mentally.

Experience Less Downtime

Millennial consumers live active lives, so it makes sense that they would want to choose holistic medicine — there’s less downtime. Invasive treatments such as surgeries can land you in bed for weeks depending on the procedure. Even prescriptions can keep you down if you face debilitating side effects.

Non-invasive treatments can help you get back to work within a day or two. For example, more than 169,000 body contouring patients reported their average side effects as mild inflammation, pain and redness. Those symptoms feel like a mild sunburn, and they go away within a short day or two.

Maintain a Focus on Overall Wellness

In today’s era of specialty doctors, you might see 10 or more different physicians based on what’s bothering you. One may help treat depression and anxiety, another may help coach you through your daily diet. Yet another might treat the chronic pain you’ve experienced in your shoulder. Not only does this abundance lead to a lot of appointments and a greater financial burden, but not one of those doctors can truly understand the full story of your health.

That’s not the case with holistic health. It’s a well-rounded approach that seeks to understand everything going on in your body, whether it’s with your chronic pain or your anxiety. Millennial consumers don’t have to schedule appointment after appointment. One practitioner can recommend various non-invasive treatments that focus on overall wellness.

You Decide on the Treatments That Are Right for You

When you have a problem with your knee, for example, a doctor or physical therapist may give you only one treatment plan. The same is true for anxiety if they simply prescribe you medication and send you home.

One of the benefits of holistic health is that there are numerous treatment options, ranging from yoga to energy healing to essential oils. If one doesn’t work for you, your practitioner can suggest another non-invasive solution. Plus, you can pick the option that appeals to you most rather than just taking a daily dose of medication.

Start Today

Don’t wait to consider your holistic health options and get started on a healthier life. A variety of different treatments, from yoga to acupuncture to energy healing, are available for you to try. Find what approach works best for you, and see how you can improve your overall physical, mental and spiritual health today.

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