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Babyface Avengers Clear Sign that the World is Actually Ending

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The new ‘baby’ filter on Snapchat may seem like a quick passing social media trend, but it’s actually a clear sign of the apocalypse.   You may think it’s all just a silly joke.  Until you see what they did to your beloved cast of The Office…

But they didn’t stop there.  The digital hounds of hell soon moved onto other, slightly less beloved NBC sitcoms like Parks and Rec.

Then they turned to the music industry’s and began the unnatural, mutilation of some the industries biggest babies

The plague soon spread to the East, and Asian celebrities began falling victim to #babyfilter.

You want further proof that God has forsaken us?  Cast your eyes on ‘Baby Friends’

BUT! Some celebrities were completely immune to the dreaded baby filter.  Like Senator Bernie Sanders for example, you simply could not tell the difference

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and that who sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him…. The baby filter also works for video…

For more breaking news on this clear sign that the world is ending, simply search #babyfilter on…any social media platform.


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