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Riding MUNI Now More Expensive than New York Subway

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Starting July 1st, MUNI is raising its single fare price to $3, and the monthly Adult A pass rises to $98.  To put that into perspective, a subway ticket in New York City costs $2.75.  We’ll let you decide which is the better deal.

The upcoming fare increase is a part of the Automatic Fare Indexing Policy that started in 2009, which means that prices are determined by a formula based on monetary inflation and operations costs.  According to the SFMTA, pre-paid fares (Clipper or Muni Mobile) is still $2.50, which is part of why Transit Justice Coalition members like SOMCAN, are concerned, this kind of hike equates to a poverty tax.  SF citizens who are paying in cash are the people who don’t have Internet service or phones or credit cards.  It’s also a bit of a tourist tax, because visitors are also likely not to own clipper cards, (but few are shedding tears for tourists).

The monthly M and A passes are also going up. Here are the main changes according to SFMTA:

Single Ride Fares Current July 1, 2019
Regular Adult: Cash (Clipper card fare remains the same) $2.75 $3
Discount single ride*: Cash and Limited-Use Tickets $1.35 $1.50
Monthly Passes Current July 1, 2019
Monthly M pass (Muni only) $78 $81
Monthly A pass (Muni + BART within SF) $94 $98
Discount monthly* and Lifeline Pass $39 $40

Poppa’s got to pay for those new MUNI cars, and that incredibly over budget, deadline blowing Central Subway debacle.

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