10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Forgetful People

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Everyone knows that feeling you get when you have to stop everything you’re doing and try to remember what you just forgot. Maybe you know you reminded yourself to do something earlier that morning — but you just can’t remember what. Or, perhaps a passing thought you had only a few moments ago breezed out of your mind as quickly as it flew in.

It’s hard to keep track of everything today. People expect you to get going and keep up your pace. Time flies, and thoughts fly by even faster.

If you have a difficult time remembering things throughout your day, it’s time to get a little help from technology. Download a few of these must-have mobile apps for forgetful people to see which can help you the most. With the press of a button, you’ll discover it’s easy to write down and remember the things you need to do.

1. OneNote

Microsoft practically changed the world when it came out with OneNote. People, teams and businesses all use it to coordinate on projects and schedules — and you can use it for your personal life, too. Designate notebooks within notebooks and organize them by name or color. Share your notes with friends, and write your to-dos with the tap of a finger if you use the app on a tablet.

2. Google Calendar

Tons of online calendars are available to choose from, but Google Calendar is always among the top contenders. It’s easy to understand, organize and share with people you know. Get notifications as early as you need for any event you save on your calendar.

3. LastPass

Let’s face it — your never-ending list of passwords can sometimes be impossible to remember. LastPass makes sure you never have to worry about forgetting a password again. This app saves all your current passwords in your private vault and suggests unique letter-number combinations when you need to make a new one. Use it for all your accounts on your mobile devices and your desktop.

4. Evernote

Evernote is the biggest rival to Microsoft’s OneNote, so if OneNote isn’t your tool of choice, give Evernote a try. In the app, Evernote has to-do lists, notebooks and ways to save things like pictures and audio clips. It uploads everything to your account so that you can find your files online when you’re not using the app.

5. The MyQ App

No one wants to turn their car back around during their morning commute to make sure they closed the garage door. When that moment of panic sets in, you’ll be glad you downloaded the MyQ app. It hooks up with your garage door opener so you can open and close it remotely. You can even program it to the specific times you leave and get back home if your routine is on a tight schedule.

6. Instapaper

Have you ever read or seen something you wanted to show a friend or read again later? Instapaper is an app that saves links and websites you don’t have time for. You can also save videos that may not have a “Save” option built into the website. Users can also enlarge text and change colors for easier reading, both on- and offline.

7. Pocket

Pocket is Instapaper’s competitor, performing the same tasks in slightly different ways. Some people may find the app’s minimalist design more appealing. It also offers a text-to-speech function for those who would prefer to listen than read an article.

8. Remember the Milk

Maybe you need a digital to-do list that organizes your daily task. That’s where Remember the Milk comes in. You can have multiple lists running at one time and receive custom notifications through emails, Twitter direct messages, traditional pop-ups on your mobile device and more.

9. Google Keep

For easy and straightforward note-taking on the go, try Google Keep. It’s perfect for color-coding your notes and sharing them with teammates. A handy notification feature will also remind you to pick back up where you left off.

10. TickTick

You’ll find everything you could want in a note-taking reminder app in TickTick. Once you create an event on your calendar, it will remind you about it as many times as you want. Even if you hit the snooze button, your reminder won’t disappear like it might with some other apps. Keep track of your wishlists and daily habits alongside anything else you need to remember.

Don’t Forget to Download

The only thing stopping you from remembering everything during the day is forgetting to download an app! Play around with the different features of each to see which ones can help your forgetful mind the most.

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