March to Stop the Spread! On April Fools Day!

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“What are we gonna do?”

“Stop the Spread!”

“How we gonna do it!”

“By breathing on eachother in a big group!”

Thousands of people in Tampa Florida will be marching on April 1st to ‘Stop the Spread of the Virus’.

You may be asking yourself; “why are they marching?  Why on April 1st? And why is it in Tampa Florida?”

And the answer to those questions is simple: It’s April Fools Day, we’re trying to make you laugh, and we picked Florida because frankly, everything is more believable when you just say ‘in Florida’ somewhere in the sentence.

But we can’t take all the credit for this amazing idea, it originally appeared as a satirical event page of Facebook that has been taken down.

We were also inspired by the the St. Stupider’s Day Parade that has been taking place on April 1st in the Bay Area for 40+ years.  If you feel like laughing at very stupid things, consider joining their facebook group: Saint Stupider.  No one celebrates stupidity quite like them.

And since you’re not marching today, consider donating to your local small business in SF.  They need your help now more than ever.  And these will take you to lists of b

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