Around the World, Wild Animals Appearing on City Streets

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Now that people across the world are sheltering in place, different local animals are becoming a bit more bold with their visits to urban areas.  Herds of Elephants in India, Pumas roaming Santiago Chile, herds of Ibex in Israel, swarms of rats in New Orleans,  and coyotes in San Francisco.   Keep in mind that it is difficult to authenticate these videos on social media.  Many were posted by private parties and picked up by local media outlets,  so take them with a grain of salt.

What is for certain, is that each place around the world has it’s own kind of wonderul wildlife, and these videos depict that wildlife wandering into city streets, like they own the place.  Personally, I enjoy seeing how each part of the world has it’s own, hilarious encounters with it’s native populations. These videos simply make you smile.

Singapore: Ottors in the City Center Fountain

according to CNA and National Geographic, Singapore’s local otter population have taken full advantage of the empty city streets, they’re now swimming in the cities fountains and trouncing around downtown as they please.

Great Britain: Wild Goats

A herd of wild goats eat the eating the manicured hedges in a Wales:

Chile: Pumas

Apparently puma sightings are cropping up in Santiago Chile: “For the second time in a little over a week, a wild puma was spotted roaming the streets of the Chilean capital Santiago” –

Thailand: Monkeys

“The fall in tourist numbers because of COVID-19 may have indeed brought about a shortage of food supply for them,” Asmita Sengupta, an ecologist at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment in India, tells The New York Times.

Oakland: Wild Turkeys

To be fair, there are reports of these turkeys in Oakland before the shelter in place order was given, but it is true that they haven’t left.  Look at how stupid this male is, he prefers to waddle in the middle of the street

Israel: Ibex

The ancient ibex are a alpine species of goat, and apparently they are visiting the empty beaches on the Mediterranean.

New Orleans, LA: Rats

The rats have always been there, just normally most of them are under the road in the sewers ect.  But this week many outlets reported the swarms of rats cruising the open road of Bourbon street in New Orleans.  Normally swarming with tourists on any given weekend.

Argentina: Capybara

‘Capybara’ are the largest rodents in the world, they are actually an invasive species in north america, but Buenos Aires, they are native and, they wandering around neighborhoods since no else is around.

India:  Elephants & an endangered Civet

Spain:  wild boars

the most common sighting around Europe are wild boar, and of different kinds of deer:

Slovakia: Wild Boar

 South Carolina:  Alligator

“Nature’s already beginning to reclaim this little bit of Myrtle Beach.” One South Carolina resident captured an alligator nonchalantly taking a trip to a vacant mall as shops are closed during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Tel Aviv International Airport:  Geese

“This family of geese waddled across a quiet tarmac at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel Monday. Many airlines have cut flights as the country implements travel restrictions in response to the new coronavirus outbreak.”

It’s nature turn to roam the streets freely, at least for a little while.
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