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30 Apr 2010

Soul Imperial at K&M

There’s a ton of “First Saturday” shit happening tomorrow, and while it’s all well and good to stand around in a museum listening to world music and drinking watered-down keg beer, why not do what you REALLY wanna do: get stupid drunk and dance with your friends? Catch the Soul

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29 Apr 2010

Where NOT to go: Ben's Pizzeria

Some of you peeplez out there in the Internet-ether may know that for a good long while I had quit dairy. The reasons why aren’t important because they’re boring to explain even for someone who loves to talk about themselves as much as I do. But I did quit. Cold

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23 Apr 2010

Don't Touch Me There w/ Matt McCarthy FREE this Friday at Karma!

Guys its once again time for this blogs very favorite regularly occurring comedy show. We love it for a lot of reasons and it’s the only thing that can drag us into the smoky recesses of that hookah place on 1st avenue. This week, sweetening the already-pretty-sweet pot is Matt

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22 Apr 2010

Dreamland Orchestra at Clover Club

When you’re newly single, have witnessed not one but two hobo-jack-offs within 4 hours, just got an awesome haircut and are meeting up with your best friend after a mutually miserable day at work, you just want to fucking chill and relax. Such was my story this very evening when,

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16 Apr 2010

Bear Mountain and Beer, or, the First and Last TIme I Will Ever Advocate Something Athletic

Sooooooo guys, happy Friday.   Via the awesome folks at Gothamist comes this amazing tip.  I read it and was like, “Next!” Not ’cause I’m a hater (I am) but because who wants to go in the woods and walk around on the dirt?  But you know what? I’m a

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09 Apr 2010

Air Guitar at Brooklyn Bowl

It is exactly what it sounds like and this year they’re promising that it’s gonna be really fun.  In fact their actual claim is that it’s going to be “30% awesomer.” Not entirely positive that this is quantifiable statement, but the only way to find out is to head to

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05 Apr 2010

Gone Tippin'!

Remember in the 90’s when coffee became a Thing? It was a tumultuous time in the culture: the heyday of Ross and Rachel, of the musical RENT! of Raising Awareness About Everything and flat-ironing the living shit out of your hair. It was also when s going to a “coffeehouse”

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