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08 Mar 2010

Sampling: How to Get Through the Day for FREE

1. Food First things first: you need to eat and you need to not spend money doing it.  First of all, find out if there are any farmer’s markets at all that are near you.  Nearly every single one has samples of tomatoes, cheese, sometimes even the awesome free-range chicken

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05 Mar 2010

Free Pains of Being Pure at Heart Show Tonight

Most free shows at free parties kinda really suck, but tonight’s party sponsored by The Museum of Art and Design and the Fountain Art Fair actually seems kind of awesome.  Public access to the art begins today with performances from ADULT, Depreciation Guild and members of Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

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01 Mar 2010

Psychic Rena. For Real.

I probably would never have ever gone of my own volition, even though I’m not particularly opposed to the idea of psychics I am utterly opposed to getting ripped off and wasting money (generally) so I was more than a little skeptical.  My friend Kelly insisted though, because she had

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26 Feb 2010

Royale With Cheese: Burlesque and Pulp Fiction at Joe's Pub

Have you ever been like “I like Pulp Fiction, but wish that there were more cabaret dancers”? If so my friend,  tomorrow is your. Fucking. NIGHT. New York cultural institution Joe’s Pub in conjunction with Casino O’ Fortune Cookie Productions presents  Royale With Cheese: A Burlesque Tribute to Pulp Fiction.

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22 Feb 2010

Luscious Foods, Brooklyn

The truth is that I’m really super lazy. To a horrifying extent, actually, as I have realized more and more in recent weeks. If you can believe it, in the wintertime I am even lazier. I do love the idea of coming home in the evening, putting on some music,

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16 Feb 2010

Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience

“I’m sure it’s very nice to know how to live in the woods, and eat bark, but I’m gonna show you girls how to survive in the wilds of Beverly Hills!” If there was an 80s movie more in line with my own pre-pubescent desires than Troop Beverly Hills, I

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15 Feb 2010

Bluebrain at Piano's for 2 more Mondays

It’s February 15 so that means that you only have two chances left to catch Bluebrain’s free show during their monthlong residency at Piano’s  and one of them is tonight!!!!!!! Feel the urgency!!!! D.C. brothers Ryan and Hayes Holladay, (formerly of The Epochs) released their gorgeous debut album Soft Power

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