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18 Sep 2011

Best Frozen Margaritas in NYC at Ruby’s Lounge

Ruby’s Lounge has the best fuckin’ frozen margaritas in NYC! A bold statement, I know, and trust me, it doesn’t matter what you order here, you’re gonna get the goddamn frozen margarita anyway! How do you feel about that? The first time I went there with my gal, she ordered

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10 Sep 2011

Cheap, Local and Original Mexican Food at Cholulita

Cholulita from appearance looks to be your average bodega, but for the people who know and for the curious, this is actually a great little restaurant with wonderful service and an accepting, laidback atmosphere. Often there are local Mexican guys going into the place for the imported Mexican sodas and

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02 Sep 2011

A Remaining Two Weeks to Get Your Kicks at Moonshine

I’ve had so many good memories at this bar throughout the years, and even though I knew the place was looking to sell I never thought it would actually happen.

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26 Aug 2011

Sunday Arts and Crafts at Boat Bar

So after visiting the Brooklyn Tabernacle for the choir, I’m feeling a little frisky. Where to go, where to go? Well, if you walk down Smith Street I know a little cozy nook in the wall called Boat Bar. Boat is everything you need in a good dive. You have

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19 Aug 2011

YOU PUKE YOU CLEAN at Double Down Saloon

Here’s an old punk bar with the kinda rules I appreciate: YOU PUKE, YOU CLEAN. Now wouldn’t the world be a better place if all bars had Double Down Saloon’s mentality? I mean, honestly, I know everybody likes going to dive bars to get drunk, but if you take that

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13 Aug 2011

Mona’s: FREE Wild Jazz Tuesdays and Cheap Booze

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up, step right up! What we got here is somethin’ ya can’t get anywhere else! What is IT, ya may be askin’ ya self. Well, it’s amazing, it’s spectacular, it’s the most terrific thing that you have ever seen! It’s entertaining, it’s

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05 Aug 2011

The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

 Almond cookie, avocado, black sesame, coconut, durian, ginger, lychee, red bean, Zen butter, wasabi, egg cream, pumpkin pie…Yes, all these fabulous flavors (and more that you haven’t thought of) can all be found at the original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory! But what’s the catch? Why would you go all the

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