16 Nov 2015

Joanne Weaver and Robert Lux Remix a Classic

Artwork credit: Robert Lux Listen to the track here! Joanne Weaver has teamed up with producer Robert Lux for a remix of “Summer Kisses, Winter Tears”. Joanne Weaver, a performing artist known for her immaculate, futuristic renditions of jazz class classics, has launched into the dance world with Robert Lux – a DJ,

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06 Oct 2015

Vienna D’Amato Hall’s Brilliant Debut Album

Vienna D’Amato Hall is not a place, but an artist – and an immensely talented artist at that. Her latest release, It’s What the Dog Saw is a work of staggering depth, lyricism and beauty. Having started playing music just last year, the American/Canadian singer-songwriter is already touring this fall. Finding

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