22 Jun 2016

Welcome to ‘Welcome to Night Vale!’

Podcasts slipped so smoothly into our lives that it’s hard to pinpoint when they started. Harder than to just accept that since whenever-that-was they’ve matured into a fascinating new form of expression. Podcasts are both of the moment and, at the same time, quaint in their DIY, hustling, carnival barker

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17 May 2016

‘Tragislasher’ Season In NYC is a Must See

“Tragislasher,” is the name of the new repertory season from Spicy Witch Productions, a feminist collective which specializes in pairing classical and contemporary plays. Thomas Middleton‘s The Revenger’s Tragedy, a Jacobean revenge drama with elements of subversive social and political commentary, alternates with Bonesetter: A Tragislasher, an adaptation of Middleton’s

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01 Apr 2016

MOCCAFest: It’s Where the Art is this Weekend!

Starting bright and early (well, 11:00. . . ) this Saturday morning is the MoCCA Arts Festival, which is Comic-Con for those whose favorite ‘comic book’ movie is Ghost World. This convention, focusing on independent and small press comics/creators, was first organized in 2002 by the Museum of Comic and

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22 Mar 2016

Simple Ways to be a Courteous New Yorker

It’s easy to hate on tourists. But remember: those map-scanning, bewildered-looking folks came to your city out of a desire to expand their world. They might not expand it past the M&M store in Times Square, but they tried. So, while there’s a lot that tourists need to know, it doesn’t

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21 Jan 2016

Dynamic New Album From Brooklyn’s Janita

Janita was already a star in her native Finland before moving to Brooklyn, more than half her life ago.  Didn’t You, My Dear? is her fourth album released here in the States, a constantly shuffling deck of musical styles (I count pop, soul, rock, R&B, alternative, torch song, and I’m sure

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13 Nov 2015

Force Majeure Variety Show Bewitches Brooklyn

When I got to see FORCE MAJEURE’s October/Halloween show (because by law anything in October is part of greater-metro Halloween), I was told by Tanya Solomon, the show’s MC-Impressario-organizer-producer (who is also a magician-comedian-hyphen hoarder), that her mission was to bring back the variety show. I wondered, but didn’t ask,

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23 Oct 2015

State of the Cart – Halal Food Focus

With the hot dog having long ago left the dirty-water cart to be locally sourced and covered in kimchi, Halal Carts has become our street food staple. The carts themselves are almost interchangeable, with most using the same stock photo images, and the same consistently priced menus, consisting of chicken or lamb

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