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26 Jan 2010

Kiss and Tell Speakeasy + $5 Pasta Dinner

Anyone remember Chumley’s?  This restored 1920s speakeasy-turned-restaurant/bar was described in New York Magazine as ‘œcluttered with dog-eared photos of famous writers and the jackets of their most influential tomes’ It’s not hard to imagine Hemingway and Fitzgerald bickering in a back corner over a few too many whiskeys.’  With a

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19 Jan 2010

Winter Blues? Check out FREE Meditation Classes!

I have never been a morning person.  As a part-time teaching artist/freelance writer/non-profit founder/occasional babysitter, I tend to make my own work schedule.  A lot of the time, that means working til 3 or 4am.  So on freezing winter mornings, you’ll usually find me making a cup of coffee and

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09 Jan 2010

Floating Kabarette Tonight

There is something extremely sexy about the prospect of attending an event where a lady by the name of ‘œLegs Malone’ will perform.  Galapagos Art Space presents its next installment of its flagship series Floating Kabarette tonight, and the event is FREE to the first 100 attendees.  (And a mere

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05 Jan 2010

Freaks and Geeks at the SciCafe

Not talking about the cult TV show here, but at this event, there are sure to be some nerdy hotties walking around. You might not have known this, but once a month, the American Museum of Natural History’s SciCafe holds FREE after-hours parties with drinks, music, and ‘œthought provoking conversation.’ 

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02 Jan 2010

FREE Life Drawing plus Burlesque

Dr. Sketchy’s is celebrating the New Year with burlesque queen Madame Rosebud in a tribute to the novel, Disco Bloodbath.  AND if you show up dressed in an Angel costume, you get in for FREE! Now what is Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School you might be wondering?  This a life drawing

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22 Dec 2009

Volunteer with the Elfin Project or GLWD

ELFIN PROJECT Feeling a little lonely this holiday season?  Or just stuck in NYC away from family… or stuck in town with family who you’d rather not see?  Visiting Neighbors is looking for a few good volunteers (aka elves) to deliver gifts to homebound, isolated, and lonely senior citizens during

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19 Dec 2009

Feeling Crafty? and the Hot Chocolate Crawl!

CRAFTERMATH This traveling, rogue punk craft brigade makes all of its crafts out of unusual materials (such as tampons, I heart NYC condoms, customized rape whistles, tiny subversive paintings, punk felt ornaments, and more). They’re having a craft party and show featuring home made crafts, indie gifts priced right, (no

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