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27 Oct 2009

New York, Free Ticket Giveaway! (Comment here to win!)

2 WOMEN, 4 SHOWS, 1 STAGE: STAND-UP FAVORITES CROSS OVER TO THEATER in FLY, GIRL AND SO-LOW SHOW Two infectious female comedians are debuting a brand new show in the West Village.   Tickets for the double bill cost only $10 and you get a FREE glass of wine with the

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24 Oct 2009

Punked-Up Barbies and Stripped-Down Kens

I remember the first Barbie I decapitated.  It was much more difficult to re-capitate her than I expected, but the whole experience made me feel delightfully bad.  My sister and I gave our Barbies jagged haircuts, tattoos, and designed outfits for them out of Spider-Man Band-Aids.  I’m sure we weren’t

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20 Oct 2009

Casseroles eat Brainiacs

Hey New York.  So I hear this week is going to be a little bit warmer than last.  However, since the heat hasn’t been on in my apartment for the past week, and the windows don’t even really close all the way, it was so cold I’ve had to sit

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17 Oct 2009

Walk Don’t Destroy

We New Yorkers know how to put the mileage on our feet.  Here are two walking events this weekend that will allow you to enjoy the walk and not just worry about where you have to be.   Hell, you can even Jadewalk your way to the events! Brooklyn Walks Back

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13 Oct 2009

FREE Royal Flush Festival and Women Behind the Lens

FREE Royal Flush Festival Opening Night Party on Thursday There once was a little festival known as the Evil City Film Fest.  This little fest grew up, changed its name to the Royal Flush Festival, and added live music, underground art openings, and music videos to its lineup of killer

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10 Oct 2009

This Weekend: Sex on the Beach, Angels in the Graveyard, "In a Dream," and Bike Polo

Just cause summer’s over doesn’t mean you have to end your weekend trips to the beach!  Today, go see Carnivolution! in Coney Island today.  You’ll find the Madoodi Mothers Puppet Peep show ‘“ a live puppet sex show sure to turn you on with ‘“ you betcha ‘“ ‘œpoly-sexual hermaphrodites,

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06 Oct 2009

Mmm….Donuts from the Doughnut Plant

Sometime in the mid to late 90s, my sister got an alarm clock for her birthday. It was a statue of Homer Simpson, and when it was time to wake you up, the Homer said ‘œMmmmmmm. Donuts.’ Like this: Mmm Donuts I had forgotten about this alarm clock, but when

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