04 Mar 2016

What’s Really Happening With Undocumented Immigrants Voting in NYC?

  New York City is home to more than one million undocumented immigrants. Unlike what certain presidential candidates or xenophobes might say, undocumented immigrants do pay taxes and don’t benefit from federal assistance programs or welfare. Without a voice in the city, 21% of the voting age population goes unheard and

02 Mar 2016

When Cities Make Laws About Your Food

It’s true that consumers must make informed decisions about their food intake. I mean hey, it’s your health. But it’s also true that foods in the USA aren’t as well-regulated as we expect and even though we know in theory that big portions aren’t good for us, that too much salt

22 Feb 2016

10 Documentaries Needed for True NYC Appreciation

New York City is and has been a melting pot of different cultures since the beginning of European colonization. It has also been a place where many of our favorite pop culture moments and social justice movements have begun. An inspirational and exasperating city, here are a few documentaries to

29 Jan 2016

6 Must See Art Shows on the Cheap

The need for culture shouldn’t be affected by what’s in your wallet, or what isn’t for that matter. Here’s a list of free or very affordable art shows/openings in the NYC you can’t miss this winter. The weather maybe drab and dreary but these artists aren’t. Visionary Streetscapes This show focuses on New