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22 Jun 2016

Why Teens Love NYC

As teenagers, we love the fact that we are now old enough to do things we weren’t able to do before.  Stuff like coming home later, going places without an adult….especially going into NYC. You can see the excitement on our faces whenever we were planning to go to the

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09 Jun 2016

Summer Heat Turns Up The Heat

There is nothing like the hot days of summer to throw your hormones into overdrive. I mean it is almost impossible for anyone with a heartbeat not to feel it. Here in New York City, the heat is even stronger. Perhaps it’s the heat of the asphalt, maybe the traffic,

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04 Apr 2016

Eating well on the Cheap

We’ve all said at one point or another, “It’s hard to eat healthy, it costs too much” and the famous “ I have no time”, come on folks these are just excuses. What happens is most people like what they eat even though it may not be healthy. It’s easy

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21 Mar 2016

How to be a Courteous Tourist

We all know, ‘If you can’t make it here you can’t make it anywhere,’  or ‘The city that never sleeps,‘ mottos. None of those sayings will help them when they come to the city. I think as New Yorkers we should help those visiting our great city, by providing tips

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09 Mar 2016

Why Do We Hate The Wealthy?

That question has been around for centuries where the wealthy have control and the power while the rest us have seconds. Thankfully we have come a long way since the days of the Roman Empire where people were pitted against each other while the loser hoped the crowd did not

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05 Jul 2015

How To Avoid Summer Crotch Rot

Okay, so you are a guy or a girl and you worry about keeping yourself fresh down there especially during the hot and humid days of summer am I right?  The last thing anyone wants is to be sitting on a bus or subway when you start to smell something

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