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25 Jul 2016

The History of Chinese Take-Out

Completely sloshed from the night’s activities, or have had a long Friday day of work and just want to veg out in your pad, one will always come across Chinese food as an easy and convenient way to fill that tired stomach. Although in the City, it’s much more amazing.

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12 Jul 2016

America’s Corrupt Past Rooted in Tammany Hall

  “I don’t care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating.” – William M. Tweed We still see the political pundits and news junkies go on and on about how corrupt the government is. Left wing, right wing, no matter what wing you fly

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28 Jun 2016

Upper Manhattan’s Legendary Stadium

If you were to travel to West 157th street between St. Nicholas and Edgecombe, you’d see a big project, along with a parking space that has this really long set of staircases. It would take you down from Coogan’s Bluff after you’ve probably visited a friend who lived in the

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13 Jun 2016

The Legend of NYC’s Egg Cream

Question: What is something non-alcoholic, contains no more than three ingredients, and will cure that harsh hangover? Answer: The title of this article of course! A good ol’ egg cream. The egg cream soda is one of my personal favorites because it is truly an art. Concocting the perfect solution

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07 Jun 2016

Public Urination is NO longer a Criminal Offense in NYC

Not to say it’s one of the most shining examples of New York City’s elegance, but it’s certainly one of the most common; pissing in public. Now, to me, no venture in New York is complete without someone urinating on the outside of a bodega wall, or a subway stop,

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01 Jun 2016

Ye Olde Pizza Principle

Economics is boring. Very boring. In fact, to the people who have majored in economics, I salute you. All of those numbers, and graphs, and pie charts certainly make most people want to snooze. But there’s one crazy economic theory that is sure to make any person, an economics nut

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23 May 2016

For Lane Moore, Tinder is a Platform for Improv

Lane Moore is a singer/songwriter, comedienne, writer, and actress. Her improv show about live Tinder dating, Tinder LIVE, will be at The Bell House on June 4th. I spent some time with the host to discuss the show, her songwriting, and her thoughts about the current dating culture. What was the

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