04 Apr 2010

North Brooklyn Runner's Club

As I sit here on my couch I am seeing the sunlight stream into my living room.  I am so happy that spring has sprung but I am also feeling something sinister’ something dark’ something that drove me to consume half a container of frosting.  It is the dread that

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04 Apr 2010

F**K Craigslist: Brooklyn Roommate Mixer

Finding a roommate or someone to share a practice space with can be a veritable minefield filled with awkward moments, money mix-ups, and sociopaths. New York likes to pride itself on our weirdo population, but sometimes you just want someone who is cool and pays the rent on time.  As

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03 Apr 2010

Why Battery Park is Amazing for People Watching

I was lucky enough to go to Battery Park during the wonderful weather we are having for some good old-fashioned people watching. Here are some observations. Razor Scooters are dangerous’ Judging by the number of children I saw take a spill on one. Men in uniform look good from far

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27 Mar 2010

New York City Subway Etiquette

We all understand in New York that cold weather makes people angry.  It is especially jarring after a warm, balmy tease of a weekend such as we had a week ago.  I myself have developed distinct frown lines from this current cold snap alone.  But, I understand, dropping temperatures are

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22 Mar 2010

Best Kinda Public-ish Bathrooms

What’s awesome about New York is that if you’re cold, hungry, thirsty or tired there are never a shortage of places to go into to remedy these issues. Bodegas, delis, bookstores, coffee places, bars.  But what about the bathroom?   We all know that walking into a Starbucks bathroom in

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21 Mar 2010

Focaccia Class at Brooklyn Kitchen Labs

Have you ever gotten someone a birthday present that you soon realize they will hate?  That happened to me recently for my hubby’s birthday.  I was trying to be creative and so I got him’a cooking class.  Apparently, I had been trying to get him to go to a cooking

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20 Mar 2010

Eat Once Stay Full For 6 Months

What I am about to suggest may seem wrong for a website for and about broke people.  I think the restaurant I am writing about is considered ‘˜upscale’ and maybe even ‘˜expensive’.  But here is the twist.  If you eat here once, you will never have to eat again.  That

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