15 Mar 2010

Dear Anna G, Help Me Pick Up BK Dudes

I swear to god, people, I’m not making these up.  Here’s the latest from my inbox: Dear Anna, As a single gal in NYC, I’m done dealing with the pretentious shallow cakeboys of Manhattan. I love hearing about your dips in the dating pool of Brooklyn  and think you can

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 4
25 Feb 2010

Free Reading, Treats and Help With Dinner

I believe that people fall under two categories’ Those who eat cereal for dinner. Those who do not. I fall under the former.  I craft suppers out of the sparsest of cabinets.  If it is up to me, I am happy to scrounge up some small, homogeneous scraps to tide

Christine Witmer - Sparing Stringer 0
25 Feb 2010

Three Circles of Subway People Hell

Between rush hour, service delays, and inexplicable line changes, riding the subway can be quite the calamitous adventure all on its own without the krazy kast of kharacters that you may be lucky enough to have ride in your subway car.  Dante’s Inferno-style, I’ve divided the circles of horror into

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 9
15 Feb 2010

Greenhouse Holistic: A Good Massage is Worth the Price

Ok here is another installment of ‘˜Bitching About Winter’.  I didn’t use to have a problem with winter.  I would laugh at the grumps who complained all the time about the snow, the ice and chapped lips (hi Mom!) but now I stand corrected.  This winter weather sucks. It doesn’t

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13 Feb 2010

A Relaxing Friday Night In

While living in NYC it can seem unnatural to stay in on a Friday night.  That particular transgression falls somewhere between uncool and downright unpatriotic.  After a particularly grueling week that left me wanting to hibernate, I decided to throw caution to the wind and’stay in my apartment this Friday

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12 Feb 2010

Don't Spread the Clap: FREE NYC STD Clinics

Valentine’s Day is Sunday. Before you go get you some lovin’, make sure it’s the only VD you’ve got. The same government program that stocks every bar with NYC condoms also runs STD screening clinics in all of the boroughs that offer FREE screenings for the HIV, the clap, syphilis,

Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher 0
30 Jan 2010

FREE* Workouts Plus Exotic Travel!

Recently, broke ass writer, Laura, wrote about workout alternatives for winter. In the city I would like to add my two cents about a fantastic way to get in shape while helping out a good cause’and it is all for FREE*! . You may have noticed that there is an

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