28 Jan 2010

FREE Live Music to Heat Up The Winter Months

I think I just now realized that there are MONTHS (plural!) left in winter. It has passed the point where the season is a charming novelty. I have finally grasped that for at least two more months there will be darkness, there will be cold and most importantly, there will

Christine Witmer - Sparing Stringer 0
24 Jan 2010

Learn to Make Your Own Yogurt

I grew up with a Greek step-family.  Despite the many years of being in close proximity to Greeks, I am still markedly not ‘˜one of them’.  I have a Papou but no grasp of the language.  I drink Ouzo in Astoria but can’t shake my thing like a bellydancer.  I

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21 Jan 2010


One of the benefits of graduating from New York University is that you are one in a million’literally.  Since there are so many of you/us it stands to reason that some of you/us will eventually reap the rewards of being part of your/our large community of graduates.  One of those

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20 Jan 2010

Still Missing Napster?

If anything this post will make me seem like the old man I am, but remember Napster? Man those were the glory days. Do you know how many unreleased Radiohead and Soul Coughing songs I had access to in my early college days? There was no question (from me) about

Joe Petersen - Classist Columnist 2
17 Jan 2010

Broke-Ass Dental Care in NYC

The woman who hands out coupons for discounted tooth whitening at the Bedford Avenue stop in Brooklyn has gotten me thinking.  If there is one thing broke ass people can’t afford it is dental care.  I myself have been extremely slack in taking care of my chompers at certain poorer-than-average

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11 Jan 2010

Escape from New York – Cheaply and Easily

We all love New York.  Everything about it is amazing, if you can Make It Here, big lights will inspire you and streets will do other stuff and everything is suffused with the glow of magic. But sometimes you just need to get the fuck out.  Whether it be for

BAS Writers 1
09 Jan 2010

Stuff for the Stuffed Up: A Few Tricks for Cold Symptoms

No matter how much you ignore people on the subway in New York, it’s hard not to notice the people wearing surgical masks. And while part of me giggles, another part of me totally understands the precaution. Nothing breeds germs quite like enclosed spaces and people rubbing their hands all

Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher 2