14 Oct 2009

FREE Zine Panel Discussion at ABC No Rio

It’s hard to find places that are more badass than ABC No Rio. They started out as an illegal art exhibition, and has turned into one of the biggest zine libraries in the country. (They also have a darkroom and silkscreening facilities at very reasonable rates). For the past six

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05 Oct 2009

FREE: Learn to Grow Food on Your Roof

Roofs in NYC can be hard enough to put yourself on, let alone anything besides a metal folding chair or a milk crate. Some people are determined enough, and manage to set up their roof tops with couches, canopies and kiddie pools. And then there’s people like Annie Novak who

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08 Sep 2009

Think Outside the Box: Crunchy Fall Workshops

Want to learn how to do something new, smelling a little of patchouli, and potentially a lot of fun?  These workshops will connect you to some interesting sub cultures in NYC and Brooklyn, and won’t cost you very much, if anything at all! YOGURT MAKING WORKSHOP Ever wanted to learn

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04 Sep 2009

Cheap and Easy Snacks for Barbecues/Potlucks

I like the idea of cooking over fire, but I fail in execution. Last time I was in charge of watching the veggie burgers at a barbecue, I completely forgot about them until they were half charcoal. If you’re not blowing town this labor day weekend, chances are you’re going

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01 Sep 2009

The Broke Ass Guide to Learning

In an effort to be crafty, I had my grandmother ship her old 1970’s sewing machine that had been gathering dust in her Michigan basement. And you know what it’s doing now? Gathering even more dust as it sits on my desk silently mocking me for even trying. For years

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26 Aug 2009

D is for Thursday: FREE Dick Dale show and FREE DIY coasters

August 27 is a great day to be a brokeass FREE Dick Dale in store show Dick Dale is a total badass. When I saw him in Portland, he stopped playing when he noticed a seven-year-old boy in the audience not wearing earplugs. He started playing again as soon as

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05 Aug 2009

Fix Your Own Damn Bike: Time's Up! Bike Co-Op

When hooligans ripped out the foam from my bike seat and bent my front wheel, I was so full of fury that I didn’t even try to think of a nicer adjective than ‘œfucked.’ But then a Time’s Up! volunteer told me that my wheel had been ‘œTacoed.’ Time’s Up!

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