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09 Nov 2011

Why Inappropriate Crushes are the Ultimate Free Entertainment

Few things are free in this world.  However, if J. Lo taught us anything, it’s that “love don’t cost a thing,” baby!  In a world where going to the movies costs $13 and a new pair of winter boots can wipe out your “me money” for the month, gazing adoringly

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12 Oct 2011

What I Learned About Dating from the Chinatown YMCA

If you want me to like you, you don’t have to take me out to dinner or buy me things. You don’t have to have a fancy job, or live in a trendy neighborhood. You don’t even have to dress well. Besides finding someone who can feed me, there’s just

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03 Oct 2011

Financial Independence and Dating for the Ladies

If you are reading this, you might be a young lady who works hard for her money and may not have much of it to begin with. So what do you do when it comes to dating? Are you to wait around for Prince Charming with fat pockets to come

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24 Aug 2011

Fix a Broke-Ass Romance with An Almost FREE Creative International Stay-cation

  Being broke is so much easier when you’re sharing your poverty with someone else. But pinching pennies doesn’t have to suck the romance out of your relationship. All you need is a good sense of humor and quite an imagination. Here’s one way to spice up your bohemian relationship:

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24 Jul 2011

How To Fall in Love This Summer (For Girls Who Love Boys)

Last week, we covered “How To Have the Perfect Summer Fling.” But, what if, you are looking for something a little bit, well, more? If that’s the case, then you will need some essential guidelines. Ladies, you must choose wisely. Especially after this damn heat wave, the guys at the

18 Jul 2011

How To Have the Perfect Summer Fling!

Yes, it has been GORGEOUS out so far this summer, breezy, hot but not too hot, lots of free outdoor concerts, etc. But , let’s face it, something’s still missing, right? Yes, so, you probably need to get a little somethin’, if you haven’t gotten something (or someone!) already. That

12 Feb 2011

Laugh at Others Rejections at the Bell House V-day Celebration

There’s no better way to feel instantly better about your own romantic standings then to listen to the tales of heartbreak and rejection of strangers. In a funny way of course. And in that spirit, The Rejection Show is the perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day event for couples and singles alike. Join

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