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17 May 2016

Dark Anecdotes Of A Dating Idealist: Expectations Vs Reality

When I was 23, my friend and I lived in a tiny apartment in the Upper East Side where we shared an inflatable mattress and used our oven as a heater. We had a tiny TV and all we could watch was Dexter, 27 Dresses, and 500 Days of Summer.

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05 May 2016

Why Beyoncé is Conservatives’ Biggest Threat

Let’s talk about Beyoncé. People love her; people hate her. There seems to be no in between. She’s either a queen or a demon. She’s too black for some or not black enough for others. I’ve heard people call her a singing stripper, a devil worshiper , a poor role

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04 May 2016

This is Your biological clock….Not Ticking

Tick-tock! Who’s there? It’s your biological clo… It is quite funny that an article on clocks, biological or otherwise, should be written by someone who has never been on time for anything. It’s not that I’ve not completed stuff, it’s just that I have a penchant for not doing them

19 Apr 2016

6 Ways To Make a Breakup More Meaningful

We could all take a cue from Justin Bieber and move on in a whole lot of light in lieu of darkness. So, here’s how to tell your ex ‘Go Love Yourself’: 1. Donate all of his/her favourite clothes to your local charity shop. I did this once, and to this

21 Mar 2016

How to Bang a Woman Right

Listen up boys! I’m about to drop some real wisdom here, and you might be disappointed to learn that your sexual approach is all wrong. No, real life is not a porno and women don’t just get wet at the sight of your dick. We need foreplay and have fantasies

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12 Mar 2016

Dark Anecdotes Of A Dating Idealist: When your best friend is dating your ex

It was a 4th of July. I was fresh from spending 2 years in LA and I’d arrived with the promise that my Ex-boyfriend, Bob and I would get back together, except he dumped me instead… Nevertheless, the important ex in this story is a piece of human shit named

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12 Feb 2016

Tell Us What You Really Think: 1 Star Reviews of Classic RomComs

For some Valentine’s Day is a wonderful occasion to show your snuggle bug how much you care for them. Millions of couples will be cuddled up with a nice bottle of wine and a lovey-dovey film. For those of you who reject the notion of being entertained by warm and fuzzy

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