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09 Nov 2012

Comedy Musician’s Coalition presents: Solid Gold! TONIGHT at ACE Hotel

As a part of Comedy Central’s New York Comedy Festival, the Comedy Musician’s Coalition presents Solid Gold! at the ACE Hotel in the heart of New York City. Tonight you will have the chance to witness many hilarious comedic musicians featuring many local acts, including host Jessica Delfino, Mark Douglas,

Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage 0
18 Jul 2012

The Transformative Spiritual Power of Graceland, LLC.

There are many landmarks on Earth that make contemplate the universe’s vastness, the devastating randomness of genius, the haunting knowledge that we, as humans, are destined to pass through this world while other monuments lie immortal and unexplained. Peru’s mysterious Las Lineas de  Nazca, the windy cliffs of Ireland’s Aran

Nadine Friedman - Vice President of Snark 0
27 Jan 2011

Broke-Ass of the Week: Tanisha Jackson

Every week we feature a different person from the community shedding a little light on their life of brokeitude.  Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about the human spirit’probably not. Wanna be a Broke-Ass of the Week?  Holler at us here and we’ll send you the questionnaire. Our featured Broke-Ass this week might

Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler 0
18 Mar 2010

A Prayer to St. Patrick

Dear St. Patrick, Please let me go somewhere fun on YOUR DAY. Please let me eat some of that awesome corned beef and cabbage that I love! Please let me find my green face makeup and shamrock necklace in my apartment somewhere. Please let my friends agree to go to

Christine Witmer - Sparing Stringer 0
13 May 2009

Free $13 Cocktails and Lost Season Finale Party

Because it is game 7 of the Penguins/Caps game, I’ll be camped out in someone else’s Laz-E-Boy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out.  In fact, you SHOULD go out, because one less moustachioed skeeze will be infesting the nightlife waters.  Here are some safe early options, because if

05 May 2009

Cinco de Mayo vs. FREE Meditation Therapy

If you actually follow the website and do some things we write about, today should give a clear impression on the trajectory of your life.   Don’t worry, our analytic software can’t read your decision. We’re working on it, but just can’t seem to get the the cd out of its