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23 Jun 2009

FREE: Dancing and Brooklyn Summer Ale

There’s nothing particularly monumental about today’s event except that with the recent weather it’s hard to remind yourself that summer just started and that you should be out enjoying it when everyday is grey, muggy and rainy. BUT…JDub Records and NYPress are offering you the chance to dance tonight, to

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22 Jun 2009

FREE: Get WET at The 2009 INKubator Summer Series

WET Productions was founded in 1999 by Sasha Eden and Victoria Pettibone.  WET is dedicated to developing new material for the theater, film and TV written by women,  producing premiere theatrical productions written by female playwrights, producing live events that promote celebrated female artists; and the creation & production of

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21 Jun 2009

FREE: Chuck Klosterman Reading at Union Square Barnes and Noble

If you’re like me no past-time is dearer to your heart than breaking down and analyzing pop culture minutiae from days of yore. One day Anna G. and I were reminiscing about the TV show The Hogan Family, (which nobody should remember in the first place).  Up for discussion was

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19 Jun 2009

FREE: Kelso Beer Tasting at Bowery Whole Foods

Once upon a time, not long ago , a group of avaricious sales directors over at Colt 45  heard tell of a place called Williamsburg. After snatching a skinny-jean-ed young man from the L train platform they forced him to reveal his secrets about the land beyond The River. Delightedly

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18 Jun 2009

FREE: Juice and Wellness Retreat.

So I found out that there’s a free screening of the hilarious, awesome Grandma’s Boy tonight in NYC.  My plan was to enlighten each and everyone one of you with the time and location but guess what? The site that I learned about it from CHARGES MONEY to give you

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17 Jun 2009

FREE:Bicycle Film Festival Kickoff Party !

Bikers piss me off.  Not all bikers of course, but the smug, self-satisfied bikers that seem to take over the city streets, going against traffic when they feel like it, sneering at drivers and pedestrians alike and wearing their “One Less Car”  T-shirts with an air of pomposity usually reserved

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16 Jun 2009

FREE "Pink Slip Party" At Galapagos Tonight

This post is for the truly Broke-Ass.  The ones who are broke because they have no income, and have no income because they have no job.  You’ve felt alone, lo these many nights. Sending resume after cover letter after desperate plea into the cyber-abyss of Craigslist, and and

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