Brooklyn Museum

17 Oct 2012

How About We…Do Something Cheap?

  A wise man once said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” However, if you’re reading this, it may pain you slightly to not be in 100% agreement. Don’t sweat it. Snap out of that funk, little chipmunk! You can still live like a (semi) normal person, just use these handy alternatives

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25 Sep 2012

Get Cultured at Smithsonian’s National FREE Museum Day This Saturday

In my humble opinion, the best part about visiting This Nation’s Great Capital is all of the FREE Smithsonian museums that Washington, DC has going on.  Would I like to learn about everything from airplanes to the decorative arts?  Why yes, especially if I can do so for FREE!  Because

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22 Nov 2011

Check Out Local Artists at the Brooklyn Museum’s Raw/Crooked Exhibition

Bushwick may be rife with artists, but unfortunately most of its dwellers haven’t earned big-ticket exhibitions at major museums or galleries yet (duh, that’s why they’re called “struggling“).  Well, not so at the Brooklyn Museum– the institution is giving under-the-radar BK artists their time to shine in a new year-long

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01 Jan 2011

FREE Cartoons, Culture and Cereal: This is How We Do 2011

We cried, we laughed, maybe we even puked a little bit, but we survived another year. If you’re not to busy drowning yourself in Bloody Mary’s, there is plenty of awesome free stuff in our fair city this weekend. After all, do you really want the first face you see

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03 Jul 2010

Dance, Disco, and Debbie Harry: Your Shakin Saturday

Before the fireworks get kicked off, and you’ve eaten your umpteenth weenie, there’s plenty of festivities to indulge in. Mostly a lot that involves hotpants and Grace Jones. Since bemoaning the loss of Sunday Best, MeanRed Productions has moved onto greener pastures, making sure your summer doesn’t lack in expertly

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