05 Apr 2018

Meet the Robots that are Replacing our Cooks & Kitchen Staffs

By Jordan Latham I have worked in the service industry for my entire adult life. There are lots of reasons I gravitated toward the back of the house. Love of cooking does not top that list. I never went to culinary school. I was not a young child at my

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24 Jan 2017

10 Things You Need To Know Before Having Sex In A Burger King Bathroom

Stop what you’re doing, cause I’m about to ruin the image and style that you’re used to… when it comes to public sex. Before you get crazy with your girl with the boom in the Burger King bathroom, there’s a few things you should know. While you may think public sex

27 May 2016

6 Cheap Burgers That Aren’t Shake Shack

I always find it so fascinating that every time I walk by a Shake Shack there’s a line around the block. I totally get for a lot of tourists this is a very affordable (Hamburgers are about $4) option for traditional American fare. But Shake Shack is now a national/international

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09 May 2016

10 Best Diners in NYC

Ah, the diner. Home of greasy spoons and dirty ass burgers. Thank God New York is full of them. Otherwise, I would never survive a hangover. Yet, thanks to all this “up and coming neighborhood shit” it’s hard to eat grease in NY without spending a small fortune. “Go home,

29 Jul 2011

Burgers, Beers and Bears at Julius

 This is the oldest gay bar in the city, and by far one of my favorite places to go in the afternoons to get away from the typical West Village crowd. Here you can not only get one of the best grilled burgers in NYC for only Five bucks –

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04 Feb 2011

B.A.D. Burger is Freaking G.O.O.D.

Waffles are delicious at most hours of the day, the exception being any hour after midnight on a day you’re going under anesthesia. Until recently, Kellogg’s Diner was the only place in Williamsburg you could get a fatty Belgian waffle at all hours of the night. Sure, the jokes about

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19 Jan 2011

Paul’s: Bad sign, Great Burgers

Try if you can to ignore the use of “da” instead of “the” in the title of the restaurant, and open your ears (eyes?) to why Paul’s Da (ugh) Burger Joint is worth your precious burger-lovin’ time. Located on what I believe to be one of the most obnoxious corners in the city, for

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