08 Sep 2012

Coupon Party the Pants-Free Way

At the risk of sounding like a loud-mouth, white trash, pageant mom, I GOT Y’ALL SOMETHIN’ TA SAY, GODDERNUT! I love coupons! I do. There comes a time, at the end of your grocery store run, when the coupons come out of the cash register with your receipt. That is

Donna Rose - Bankrupt Blonde 0
04 Aug 2012

Affordable Clothes And Recycling

Most of my wardrobe is not considered very high-fashion. It’s pretty convenient because I don’t want to spend my time getting ready. I am not very fashionable and I don’t care to be. Visiting clothing stores is always very stressful. The 12-year-old children who work at Forever 21 always suggest

Donna Rose - Bankrupt Blonde 0
08 Mar 2011

Learn ‘Bout Stuffs With A 2-for-1 Museum Pass For FREE

Yeah, everyone! See that image up above? Cut, copy, print, because this one is guaranteed to work for you on a list of levels. What we have here is a spring of 2-for-1 goodness at some of the less hyped but equally quality museums throughout NYC. Let this brand new

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