09 Jan 2020

A Fat Guy’s Guide to Scam-y New Year’s Weight Loss Tricks

by Jonas Barnes It’s a new year and a new decade, readers. I’ve given you a full week to get settled, and now I’m here to set you straight. If you’re a gym goer, you’ve surely already noticed that this week is a short breathed, sweaty hellscape of newly resolution-driven

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21 Nov 2012

How To Survive Winter In NYC

If you’re like most inhabitants of the Big Apple, you’re originally from somewhere else. For many, that “somewhere else” entails humidity levels that can alter hair to unrecognizable levels of poufdom and/or winters that don’t start until early November. This thin-skinned North Carolinian learned the hard way that you can’t

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26 Oct 2012

Can I Live On Trail Mix?

Some time ago, prompted by a bank account reading $80, and having several weeks until my next paycheck I decided to undertake a new diet: trail mix. Thought I: “hikers survive on this stuff, and they seem pretty healthy.” Nuts are cheap… well some of them in any case. And

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