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07 Feb 2020

Celebrate Independent Film With Film Threat’s “Award This!”

S.F. IndieFest’s Up The Oscars offers a two-fer benefit to attendees.  One is a chance to publicly make fun of the glamor and the often reactionary nature of the Oscars.  The other benefit for attendees is helping to keep alive the S.F. cinematic treasure known as the Roxie Theatre.   But

31 May 2016

10 Offbeat Horror Films You Must Watch

I’ve been listening to Double Feature for years. It’s two films back to back with some form of commonality….how they reach this is always fascinating. They do this every week and haven’t missed one yet. So that’s 52 episodes a year!? Eric 13 & Micheal Koester have even become friends and 7 years later their podcast

Sheilah Villari - Dollar Bin Darling 0
14 Apr 2016

The Truth Behind Žiga Virc’s Film Premiering at Tribeca

In 2012, I was staring at my computer contemplating what I’d just watched. The teaser trailer for Houston, We Have a Problem! left me confused: it claimed Yugoslavia sold its space program to the US in March 1961, two months before president Kennedy announced Americans would land on the Moon