22 Aug 2016

Mets Host First NY Sports Gay Pride Night

Met fans love donning their orange and blue, but last Saturday night at Citi Field they threw in some red, yellow, green and purple. Add in plump wieners, a few balls and some steamy humidity, and baby you’ve got a big gay baseball stew goin’. Benefiting the LGBT Network and their anti-bullying Safe Schools

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28 Jun 2016

Upper Manhattan’s Legendary Stadium

If you were to travel to West 157th street between St. Nicholas and Edgecombe, you’d see a big project, along with a parking space that has this really long set of staircases. It would take you down from Coogan’s Bluff after you’ve probably visited a friend who lived in the

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18 May 2016

Waypoint Tavern Aims to be a Bar Created for Geeks

James Kenna is an ambitious nerdy thirty-something with big dreams to bring like-minded people together. This would by NYC’s first dedicated geek tavern. James and his cohorts saw a gap in the market and knew just how to fill it. With Marvel’s movies and Netflix shows ganging more fans every day, more and

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25 Apr 2016

How to See the Mets for Cheap(er)

A little while ago BAS writer Amiee Kushner posted up a piece on how San Franciscans can see the Giants for cheap. Now, I will not subtly rag on the San Francisco Giants (if my Mets are not in a playoff situation and they are, I’m rooting for them). In

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12 Apr 2016

Mets Fan Reflects on Childhood and Opening Week

I will never forget; the time I was on the warning track at Shea Stadium. he New York Mets had this fan club for children under the age of 14 called New York Met’s Fan Club for Kids

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02 Nov 2015

Missed Connections: World Series Edition

It’s the day after Mets pals, how’re you all doing? I know it hurts to get so far and lose when you’re so close you can taste it. But know your guys played a great series and have lots to build on with an awesome young team. So to ease

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13 Jul 2010

Rocks Off Concert Boat Cruises

Despite the fact I work across the street from a marina, and look at the water every day, I’ve never been on a boat in New York City. The Staten Island Ferry doesn’t count guys. I’m talking about a real boat, that doesn’t involve a dozens of Melanie Griffith’s rocking

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