OCD Lecture Series

14 Mar 2011

See Photos of Strangers’ Belongings for FREE

While your living room chairs probably aren’t sneaking up to get it on on your roof. Though, that would be preferable your stuffed animals singing the un-catchy, boring songs in the worst muppet special ever. Or maybe all your stuff does is collect dust while you’re gone, but you’ll never

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22 Feb 2010

FREE OCD Lecture: The Secrets of Jet Propulsion

While growing up in The Bronx, my friend’s dad used to build rocket ships to launch off of buildings. And he used hamsters as pilots. While I will remain silent on my opinion of hamster misuse in the situation, I will say that my friend’s dad is now a physicist

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05 Oct 2009

FREE: Learn to Grow Food on Your Roof

Roofs in NYC can be hard enough to put yourself on, let alone anything besides a metal folding chair or a milk crate. Some people are determined enough, and manage to set up their roof tops with couches, canopies and kiddie pools. And then there’s people like Annie Novak who

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