05 Apr 2016

Obsessed With Oddities? This Place is for You!

Weird stuff. Oddities. Strange. Perplexing. Interesting. I got a thing for anything and everything that describes the above. When I was a little kid I would get back home from school as soon as possible to watch reruns of Ripley’s Believe It or Not on Spike (you know the one hosted

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30 Mar 2016

The State of Homelessness in NYC and How to Help

There is not one day that goes by as a New Yorker that you don’t witness a homeless person pick something out of the garbage, sleep on absolutely dirty streets, and beg for a change or a bite to eat. Homelessness is one of the most important issues the 5

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22 Mar 2016

5 Embarrassing Moments in NYC History

The history of New York, particularly New York City, is a fascinating read, browsing through Wikipedia (where you wanted to go to the fellatio wiki so you could “observe” those images for some further “education”). But as much as this city is packed with many twists, turns, triumphs, and failures,

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17 Mar 2016

What September 11th Can Still Teach Us About Each Other

I was a little kid when the attacks on the World Trade Center occurred. My Mother got me out of the Catholic school and we ran home to see my dad in the kitchen with the TV on. My interest at the time was on airplanes. I absolutely loved them,

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08 Mar 2016

Top 5 Moments MTA Went Overboard

The Metropolitan Transit Authority gets a bad wrap from New Yorkers for being incompetent, dysfunctional, and money grabbing. And I’m here to tell you that they are absolutely right. These Transportation-Centric lunatics run this asylum and are willing to grab you by the scrote (or ovaries, everyone is equally screwed) to

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21 Nov 2014

Watch the NYPD Beat a Child Worse than Adrian Peterson

This video showed up on my Facebook timeline, earlier today, with the title begging for an end to police brutality. The disturbing video, which was recorded on the Myrtle & Broadway subway stop in Bushwick, immediately shows a fearful teen being cornered by a barbaric police officer. The officer quickly

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08 Oct 2014

How Not to be Racist This Halloween

Halloween falls on a Friday this year and things are going to get crazy! People get more into planning their costumes when they don’t have to crawl hungover into work the next day or call in sick “cough cough.“ What are you dressing up as? I’m going in a sexy and slutty

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