22 Sep 2009

FREE Absolute Vodka and the Lovely Amel Larrieux

I know I write about PST all the time, but it’s because the pretty much throw the best party in San Francisco.  There is always FREE booze, excellent music, and even FREE food sometimes. Besides being absolutely beautiful, Amel Larrieux is also a fantastic singer, and apparently a DJ.  You

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 1
22 Sep 2009

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: Should I Buy a Car or not?

Hey Coach Sizzle, should I buy a car or not? -KT
I am extremely passionate about giving advice on buying cars. Why? I have made many mistakes namely leasing new versus buying used. At one time, when I was 24 years old I was not only leasing one vehicle, but two vehicles. Wow. Really? What an ass! Ok, well at this point now, I have not owned a car for almost four years and I am super ecstatic about it. I hate to brag and everything but I ride San Francisco’s public transportation system, Muni, and I flippin’ love it. I don’t even buy a fastpass because I know that I spend less on fares individually based on how much I ride.

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22 Sep 2009

NYC, You Want Music, Beer, and Nudes?

If you like records (or like people who like records), Shakey’s Record Fair is your Mecca!  This record fair, held 4-6 times a year on weeknights, takes into consideration that Friday and Sat evenings and weekend mornings – the times when most fairs are held – are the absolute worst

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21 Sep 2009

FREE Booze from Tonight at Roe

I still haven’t been to Roe yet.  I think it’s a bit fancier (read: more expensive) than I’m used to.  But I’ve heard good things about it…at least I think I have.  To tell you the truth, I don’t even know what I heard about it.  I just know it

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21 Sep 2009

Web Programmers Wanted – Join Team Broke-Ass

We’ve got some really amazing things going on here at Broke-Ass HQ, and some really big changes are in the works for the website.  The only problem though is that Kenny, our web genius, is only one person.  We’re currently looking for a web programmer who wants to join Team

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21 Sep 2009

Fuck Ray’s: The Best Slices in Manhattan

Almost a year ago I gave up eating dairy. Obviously, since fire is hot, and the sky is blue and cheese is one of the best things in life, it really sucked.  Health-wise the difference has been nothing short of transformative but cheese is still amazing, and pizza in New

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21 Sep 2009

Tropic Treasure: Cheap Tiki Drinks and $2.50 Musubi at the Hukilau

Feeling a little fruity?  Are the trade winds calling your name and filling your head with visions of tranquil isles.  Well, if its tropical drinks you crave and don’t feel like spending a fortune at the Tonga Room or hiking out to Trader Sam’s, then the Hukilau is a good

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