03 Jun 2009

Divisidero Art Walk Thursday Night

It seems like Thursday keeps getting better!  I’ve already told you about the ill-ass party at Shotwell, but guess what else is happening?  Oh wait, you totally guessed The Divisidero Art Walk didn’t you?  That’s what I get for putting it in the title.  Well just pretend like you were surprised ok?

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03 Jun 2009

$3 Drinks, Discounted Clothes and the Crew that Opens for M.I.A.

First off, just in case you were wondering, last’s night’s Mos Def/Curtis Mayfield party was off the hook.  I damn near sweat through my clothes because I was dancing so much.  Curtis Mayfield does that to a motherfucker.  Ya know?   It’s seeming like Thursday night should be a pretty

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03 Jun 2009

FREE Jack and Beer @ Karaoke Bar in Midtown

Karaoke has absolutely no special place in my heart.  I tried to sing once in Rock Band or Guitar Hero and it was abysmal.  Seems appropriate then that a catering company hasn’t been booking me for gigs because their caffeine jacked, overly tanned, San Diegan only wanted his floor crew

03 Jun 2009

The Pages of Your Soul

I read a ton of magazines. I read books too, I swear to God, but as absurd, elitist, and unrealistic as fashion magazines often are, I still love reading them.  On a basic level, it’s just brain candy;  beautiful girls in awesome clothes are fun to look at.  And I

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02 Jun 2009

Mos Def, Curtis Mayfield, and FREE Grey Goose

If you remember, a few months back I hyped a Pacific Standard Time (PST) party that had FREE food from Farmer Brown and some live soul music at 330 Ritch.  It was a lot of fun and of course I was the first one in line to get some of

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02 Jun 2009

Broke-Ass of the Week – Kate Kotler

Every week we feature a different person from the community shedding a little light on their life of brokeitude. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about the human spirit…probably not.

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02 Jun 2009

Cheap Shots @ Cheap Shots, FREE Shots If It’s Your B-Day

There is a bar in the East Village that diligently carries the torch that so many others have let extinguish, where  kinda transient, tatoooed patron types collect their paltry earnings and hand them over in exchange for cheap shots, or better yet, glory. Cheap Shots is one of those simple,


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